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CompanyWatchGuard Technologies
Company size (employees)200-500 employees
Type of solutionService


WatchGuard APT Blocker protects businesses from advanced malware that signature-based antivirus software cannot defend against. Modern malware can evade signature-based antivirus programs by morphing into code that can slip by signature-based products looking for a recognizable malware pattern. APT Blocker can defend against these threats, and against zero-day attacks for which no signature exists.

WatchGuard APT Blocker focuses on behavior analysis to determine if a file is malicious. APT Blocker identifies and submits suspicious files to a cloud-based next-generation sandbox, a virtual environment where code is analyzed, emulated, and executed to determine its threat potential. APT Blocker’s full system emulation – which simulates the physical hardware including CPU and memory – provides the most comprehensive level of protection against malware both known and unknown. WatchGuard has partnered with Lastline Technology as the best-in-class partner for the APT Blocker service. APT Blocker thoroughly analyzes a wide range of executables and documents, including Adobe PDF, RTF, Microsoft Office and all Windows and Android executable files. Average analysis time is less than two minutes.

APT Blocker stands above similar products because it is easy to deploy, simple to use and offers strong visibility and reporting tools. APT Blocker deploys in seconds as part of WatchGuard’s UTM security suite. Users can allow, drop, block, or quarantine by severity level, as well as set customized notifications for when APT Blocker detects a threat, all from one simple and intuitive user interface. APT Blocker integrates with the company’s visibility tool, WatchGuard Dimension to provide an instant, single view of advanced threats, along with other top trends, applications and threats covered by WatchGuard’s security technologies.

WatchGuard APT Blocker puts a stop to fast moving and persistent threats that evade traditional signature-based defense.

How we are different

• WatchGuard APT Blocker provides protection against unknown or advanced malware attacks designed to evade traditional signature-based defenses
• As part of WatchGuard’s UTM appliances, APT Blocker deploys in seconds and shares a simple and intuitive user interface with the rest of WatchGuard’s security services. IT pros can easily deploy and manage this service and more to remote locations from the office.
• APT Blocker offers complete visibility into the advanced threats attempting to attack a network, including the protocols used, threat IDs, sender source, and the specific types of malicious activities that would have happened if APT Blocker did not take action. This data can easily be visualized, compared with data from other WatchGuard security services, and compiled into reports.