WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud

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CompanyWatchGuard Technologies
Company size (employees)200-500 employees
Type of solutionHybrid


WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud is a secure, scalable and feature-rich Wi-Fi management platform. It boosts the lowest false positive rate for a WIPS system on the market today and turns Wi-Fi hot spots into invaluable consumer research, analytics and push marketing tools. Built for ease of deployment and administration, the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud simplifies even the most complex aspects of Wi-Fi management, making fast, secure, and intelligent Wi-Fi accessible to organizations of all types and sizes.
Patented WIPS technology built into WatchGuard’s new cloud-ready APs (AP120 and AP320) automatically classifies wireless devices as Authorized, Rogue, or External at a very low false positive rate. This advanced rogue detection process can safely and automatically shut down unauthorized access points and clients, while nearly eliminating the risk of illegally interfering with neighboring wireless networks.
In addition, the management section of Wi-Fi Cloud provides customers with:
• Secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy Enforcement – automatically identifies on-network smart devices and blocks unapproved connections.
• Accurate Location Tracking – pinpoints the location of connected wireless devices or sources of interference, enabling administrators to quickly act.
• Flexible Deployment – Wi-Fi Cloud can be installed as an overlay on top of an existing WLAN infrastructure or as a stand-alone enforcement system for Wi-Fi prohibited zones. 
• Custom Splash Pages and Social Wi-Fi Engagement – captive portals allow businesses to personalize customer Wi-Fi experiences by offering promotional opportunities, surveys, and strong authentication through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social applications.
• Mobile Engagement – delivers custom messages to customers via SMS, MMS, and social networks, based on predefined triggers including user interaction and length of time on-network.
• Wi-Fi Analytics – Analyzes this data to provide insight into traffic patterns, behavior, and demographics of your Wi-Fi users, in addition to generating a visual map of foot traffic patterns on a floor plan.

How we are different

• Wi-Fi Cloud offers the lowest false positive rate in the WIPS industry, meaning customers can allow Wi-Fi Cloud to automatically block devices that it classifies as Rogue without risking incorrectly categorizing nearby hotspots and innocuous devices as false positives.
• Wi-Fi Cloud dramatically simplifies wireless setup and management and can be It can be installed as an overlay on top of an existing WLAN infrastructure or as a stand-alone enforcement system for Wi-Fi prohibited zones depending on customer needs.
• Wi-Fi Cloud provides visibility into a goldmine of marketing data, including insights into footfall and customer demographics visualized on customizable dashboards. Organizations can easily monetize these insights using Wi-Fi Cloud’s mobile engagement features.