WhiteHat Security

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Strong customer base and continued growth: WhiteHat protects tens of thousands of websites for over 815 customers spanning every industry. Top industries represented include: 175+ in technology, 145+ in finance, 70+ in healthcare, 50+ in retail and 30+ in entertainment and nearly 100 customers in Europe. We are also expanding via Managed Security Providers and Security Integrator partnerships.

• Products and Service exceeds customer needs: 1) Accuracy: we are the only vendor providing near zero false positives, 2) TRC: The Treat Research Center is an extension of our customers’ security teams by providing them with manual verification of each vulnerability, virtually eliminating false positives, saving additional costs, and allows customers to focus their resources on running their business, 3) Complete extensible platform that plugs into the various inflection points in the SDLC, and 4) Comprehensive set of integrations and a full set of APIs.

WhiteHat explains in very real financial terms the risks, and pinpoints where attention in resources, or training is needed, and provides developer education. We arm security teams with the information they need to get eye-to-eye with business stakeholders.

• Strengthens Customer Business: WhiteHat protects confidential data, and meets compliance requirements and practical threat management. WhiteHat Security’s software security solutions work across departments to provide fast turnaround times for Agile environments, near-zero false positives and precise remediation plans while reducing wasted time verifying vulnerabilities, threats and costs for faster deployment.

Organizations need to strike a balance between accelerating their business innovations while minimizing business risks. This requires alignment between the security teams and business stakeholders and the ability to frame risk in financial terms. WhiteHat Security’s risk based approach to application security provides our customers this ability.

Brief Overview

WhiteHat is committed to continuing innovation in the application security space. In March 2017, we launched an Application Security Training and Certification program to Developers on best practices in secure coding. We also released a new Tableau connector to allow organizations to view their application scanning results in Tableau’s popular BI tools. In July of 2017, we released our annual Application Security Research Report – for the first time combining information about Dynamic, Static and Mobile scan results across industries. In September of 2017, WhiteHat launched WhiteHat Scout TM. This is the industry’s first developer-focused product, specifically for software developers who have experienced security as a hindrance to their workflow. It’s the only lightning fast and highly accurate, fully automated SAST solution, offering early vulnerability detection and remediation guidance that allows developers to create secure software, from the first line of code, without compromising speed and agility.

The WhiteHat Security TRC is a dedicated team of 150+ of the industry’s top security experts who provide ongoing verification of all vulnerabilities. Operating as an extension of our customers’ security teams, our experts set up and configure scans, verify all vulnerabilities, provide detailed descriptions and remediation guidance for vulnerabilities and are available to answer questions, right from the Sentinel interface itself.