WhiteSource for Developers

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


WhiteSource for Developers is a new generation of security tools, specifically designed to notify developers of vulnerabilities in their code in early stages and help them remediate issues quickly and efficiently. WhiteSource for Developers simplifies open source management for developers by integrating to the developers’ environment (browser, IDEs and repositories) and alerting on issues at the earliest stages of development and suggesting auto-remediation. It helps developers choose better open source components, detect vulnerable and problematic components throughout the development lifecycle and automate key elements of the remediation process.

How we are different

- WhiteSource for Developers supports the widest range of repositories and IDEs: GitHub, GitHub Packages, BitBucket and GitLab, along with JFrog, Eclipse, IntelliJ and soon VS Code. It also supports over 200 programming languages and not just binaries.
- WhiteSource for Developers natively integrates, alerting developers in real-time within the UI of their own environment (browser, repository or IDE), unlike other solutions that send developers to dashboards outside of their environment to get more information on the detected issue.
- WhiteSource for Developers automates remediation - not only alerting developers of issues, but helping fix them by generating automated pull requests, offering suggested fixes with links shown within the developer’s UI, and initiating automated workflows including issue tracker integration without ever leaving the development environment.