WiKID Strong Authentication System

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CompanyWiKID Systems, Inc.
Company size (employees)5-25
Type of solutionSoftware


The WiKID Strong Authentication Server is an on-premises two-factor authentication solution for Enterprise customers. The system works with all flavors of networking equipment using standards such as RADIUS, LDAP and TACACS+. It has an API for custom apps and native Active Directory 2FA with no client software. Native AD 2FA is perfect for non-console administrative access – meeting PCI requirements and thwarting pass-the-hash attacks.

WiKID is priced like a SaaS – with annual subscriptions – reducing risks and keeping WiKID focused on supplying reliable, secure software.

Unlike most two-factor authentication solutions, we use public-private keys that generated on the clients and your server. WiKID does not have copies of these keys and therefore we are not ‘in the middle’.

We have a 30-day evaluation and 5 users free, so test away.

Please visit for more information.

How we are different

* WiKID is an affordable, secure way to implement two-factor authentication with SaaS-like functionality and with on-premises control.

* WiKID protects the perimeter by integrating with your VPN, but it also integrates with AD - thwarting escalation attacks that rely on static passwords like pass-the-hash.

* At only $24 per user per year, WiKID is a tremendous bargain.