Wing Security’s Free, Self-Service SaaS Discovery and Mapping

Additional Info

CompanyWing Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionSoftware


Eliminate shadow IT for SaaS in minutes with Wing Security. Wing aims to revolutionize the SaaS security market by offering its powerful SaaS discovery engine for free. This allows security and IT professionals to self-onboard and have visibility into their SaaS usage, regardless of their company’s size or budget.

The free product is completely self-served and includes:

* A SaaS discovery dashboard which provides a user-friendly view of all SaaS applications used within an organization, including IT-approved applications, 3rd-party applications, and unknown applications that can be easily onboarded by any of the organization’s employees
* Security alerts: Risky applications are identified and flagged within the system. Wing provides near-real-time threat intelligence alerts and access to a database of over 262,000 SaaS applications and web extensions.
* Details of which compliances each SaaS application meets, how these applications are connected to the organization, the permissions they’ve been granted, and which users are using them (for the first 100 applications)
* Wing’s Security reputation score for each SaaS application
* Classification and tagging options for a customized experience.

While legacy products such as CASB or most SSPMs offer paid-for SaaS discovery, Wing Security is the only one to offer it for free. No credit card, no time limit, no proxy or agent and no hidden fees or tricks.

A recent research published by Wing showed that 88% of the organizations surveyed had applications with unused high permissions. Those organizations had an average of 89 applications with unused high permissions. The average user had 28 SaaS applications and a staggering 91% of organizations had sensitive files shared externally or on public channels.
That said, you can not secure what you can not see. So Wing is democratizing the SaaS Discovery market.

How we are different

1) It is the only product in the market to provide SaaS discovery for free and in a revolutionary self-service model. This approach is unique to the cyber industry in general
2) Wing’s SaaS Database of over 262,000 SaaS applications and web extensions is unparalleled in the market. This DB provides Wing with one of a kind discovery capabilities. It also allows security and IT leaders to make educated decisions regarding their company’s SaaS usage by providing a security score for each application as well as alerting to risky ones.
3) It is completely industry, size or location agnostic. It is open to any organization who wishes to improve their SaaS security posture