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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)WireWheel
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

· WireWheel provides the fastest time to value of any privacy management software. It is built to be configured and used by non-technical professionals so that companies can quickly and easily tackle any privacy challenge. It provides pre-built and configuration templates and workflows so companies can launch privacy portals in minutes.

· WireWheel is built for change. We believe the ethical use of data is not tied to any particular regulation, so we are built to adapt to diverse and changing laws. Companies can mature their privacy programs at their own pace, so they can manage high volumes of rights requests and assessments across complex IT environments and processes.

· WireWheel has earned accolades from privacy analysts, and the backing of business and policy leaders, proving the platform’s importance and potential in the privacy market. Gartner named us a Cool Vendor in their 2019 Cool Vendors in Privacy Management report. WireWheel is the only privacy technology company to achieve AWS Security Competency.

Brief Overview

WireWheel’s privacy software platform is a central hub that enables companies to quickly launch and grow their privacy programs. It automates daily privacy management tasks by connecting systems, processes, and people across a data supply chain. WireWheel addresses the most pressing challenges of GDPR and CCPA and prepares companies to meet evolving privacy laws around the world.

Some tools may help companies manage specific aspects of privacy management, but WireWheel is the only solution that supports all phases of a global privacy management and compliance program, including classification, reporting, and communication with customers. WireWheel is the only privacy-focused solution to map and conduct meta-data analysis of a company’s data stores and create privacy-related insights and alerts.

With a simple API, WireWheel integrates with companies’ existing workflow tools, infrastructure and data management systems to save time, keep systems in synch and orchestrate processes across a data supply chain. It inventories and classifies all data in the cloud, working seamlessly with existing infrastructure-as-a-service investments.

WireWheel’s modular, cost-effective approach is unique in the market and is key for organizations that need to manage and automate critical privacy activities at scale. Gartner recently included WireWheel as a Sample Vendor of privacy management tools in three of its “Hype Circles,” noting “comprehensive (privacy and risk) management tools and consulting services are priced at a level that is prohibitive for many privacy officers, who usually have only a limited budget, which drives an increased interest in specialized (and less expensive) privacy management solutions. Hence, purpose-built (modular) privacy management tools have emerged that focus on fast deployment and usability.”

With WireWheel, privacy is transformed from an administrative task into an evergreen part of data management. The solution helps organizations accelerate privacy compliance, build trust with customers, and accelerate sales.