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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) challenges companies to implement a comprehensive privacy program and demonstrate ongoing compliance. This is an overwhelming task for companies with personal data stored and processed in disparate internal and external IT systems. WireWheel empowers companies to meet this challenge with a secure hub that enables them to quickly launch and grow a data privacy program.

WireWheel is the only solution that supports all phases of a global privacy management and compliance program, including:

· Producing Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs), and other required reports for auditing and analysis
· Collecting and acting on Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)
· Classification, mapping and meta-data analysis of data stores
· Creating privacy-related insights and alerts for improving data oversight

Companies can produce the rigorous privacy documentation required under GDPR so they can describe the exact usage of the data, processing steps, and the technical and organizational measures they have implemented to protect sensitive and private data. WireWheel transforms documentation requirements from a vast undertaking to a flexible, automated process.

Companies can easily create RoPAs, privacy impact assessments, and other reports that can be viewed, downloaded and shared from within a browser. Pre-built templates, flexible APIs, and task management save time and lower risk. WireWheel lets companies create and share reports with consumers, customers, partners, and regulators to demonstrate privacy oversight and compliance.

GDPR also requires companies to prompt consumers to “accept” cookies and other tracking technologies before progressing on a website. WireWheel lets companies quickly publish a web portal to manage this consent process. Consumer preferences can be used to create automated suppression lists for internal use and to be shared with third parties.

With WireWheel, companies can build a flexible, scalable data privacy program for GDPR and all future privacy laws.

How we are different

· WireWheel provides the fastest time to value of any privacy management software. It is built to be configured and used by non-technical professionals so that companies can quickly and easily tackle any privacy challenge. It provides pre-built and configuration templates and workflows so companies can launch privacy portals in minutes.

· WireWheel is built for change. We believe the ethical use of data is not tied to any particular regulation, so we are built to adapt to diverse and changing laws. Companies can mature their privacy programs at their own pace, so they can manage high volumes of rights requests and assessments across complex IT environments and processes.

· WireWheel has earned accolades from privacy analysts, and the backing of business and policy leaders, proving the platform’s importance and potential in the privacy market. Gartner named us a Cool Vendor in their 2019 Cool Vendors in Privacy Management report. WireWheel is the only privacy technology company to achieve AWS Security Competency.