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Company size (employees)0-50
Type of solutionHybrid


Recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor,” CyberX is the only industrial cybersecurity vendor selected for the SINET16 Innovator Award sponsored by the US DHS and DoD. Unique in the industry, CyberX combines continuous monitoring and deep network forensics with non-invasive risk assessments, leveraging proprietary threat intelligence for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) with patent-pending, M2M behavioral analytics.

CyberX provides the most widely-deployed industrial cybersecurity platform for continuous, non-invasive risk assessment and M2M anomaly detection. Our purpose-built platform enables organizations to detect and respond faster to risk in their industrial networks.

Supporting all industrial protocols, our technology is rapidly deployed with zero impact on operations, integrating via REST APIs with all HMIs and SIEMs. CyberX uses patent-pending M2M behavioral analytics to model ICS networks as deterministic sequences of states and transitions, a technique known as finite state modeling (FSM).

Combined with other analytics and proprietary ICS threat intelligence, this enables rapid detection of industrial malware such as BlackEnergy and Havex, and vulnerabilities such as unauthorized remote access and device misconfigurations.

Our platform conducts the only automated vulnerability assessment (VA) solution designed for OT networks. Unlike traditional VA, it’s non-invasive and supports all major industrial protocols.
The CyberX platform secures the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for critical infrastructure industries such as electric utilities, manufacturing, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, water, and transportation, enabling organizations to detect and respond faster to risk in their industrial networks.

How we are different

* CyberX leads the ICS security market being the only field proven, end-to-end solution in the market, deployed in over 100 industrial and manufacturing sites worldwide. Our IFSM technology is the most advanced, scalable and reliable security technology for fully covering industrial networks, with no disruption to operations. CyberX provides automated asset discovery, complete visibility and full control of the entire OT network. XSense is deployed in distributed sites, on premises and/or using virtual machines, with a fully functioned centralized management system.
* Our Industrial Threat Intelligence research team is also unique for a product company. Working with the Department of Homeland Security and ICS-CERT, we reveal vulnerabilities in industrial equipment, including numerous Zero-Day vulnerabilities in PLCs and other industrial equipment of all major vendors. Our investment in research is incomparable and this will continue to be a competitive edge.
* We develop pioneering techniques, which are leveraged to develop innovative tools. Our close work with the US Department of Homeland Security and industrial vendors is an acknowledgement of our technological capabilities and domain expertise.