Xshark RASP Self-Adaptive Threat Immunity Platform

Additional Info

CompanyXmirror Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


The Xshark RASP of Xmirror is a Self-Adaptive Threat Immunity Platform which is based on runtime context awareness techniques to “inject” the active defense capability into business applications through key technologies such as patent-level AI detection engine, applied vulnerability attack immunity algorithm, runtime safety profile scheduling algorithm and in-depth traffic learning algorithm. With the help of powerful application context situation analysis ability, can capture and defend various attack mode of bypass traffic detection, and provide self-developed components to alleviate the security risk from the supply chain, realize both business perspective and functional decoupling of endogenous active security immunity, for business application factory default security immunity in innovative development. With the powerful application context analysis capabilities, Xshark RASP can capture and defend various attacks that bypass the traffic detection, and provide hot patches for the non-self-developed components to alleviate the security risk original from the supply chain, to realize both business perspective and functional decoupling of endogenous active safety immunity, to enable the business application with factory default security immunity usher in innovative development.

How we are different

1) Innovations of Xshark RASP Self-adaptive Threat Immunity Platform:
 Application runtime context awareness technology;
 Application hot patch technology;
 Attack defense technology for unknown vulnerability;
 Business perspective and real-time monitoring capabilities;
 Empowering security for the DevOps lifecycle

2) The Xshark RASP has strong compatibility and wide programming language coverage, which is a key technology to reduce application risks. It plays an important role in accelerating the digital transformation of traditional industries, realizing product innovation, software supply chain optimization, business model innovation, as well as improving user experience.

3) At present, Xshark RASP has been widely used in the DevSecOps agile security system construction, software supply-chain risk management and other scenarios in the finance, energy, e-commerce, internet, automobile manufacturing, IoT and other industries, reshaping tens of billions of application security market.