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The internet was designed for sharing, not security. And as more and more sophisticated services move online, so do fraudsters.

Compromised identities have reached a level where the weaknesses in usernames and passwords as well as traditional software security solutions have been exposed. There is a growing demand for strong two-factor authentication, but the more secure hardware devices are too complicated to use in general and expensive to scale for the majority of users and services.

Yubico was founded in 2007 with a prototype of our YubiKey invention and the mission to make secure online identities truly ubiquitous.
Even though we offer the market’s lowest cost option we do not compromise on security, quality or ethics. We manufacture our YubiKeys in Sweden and USA with best practices security processes and with respect for our people and the environment.

With support from a thriving developers and partner community, the YubiKey is used for a range of enterprise, open source, and consumer applications, including remote access and VPN, online services, computer login, and password management. Developers collaborate via the Yubico Forum.

Proven by millions of users and 100,000 customers in 150 countries, ranging from individuals to 8 of the top 10 internet companies, we continue to refine our inventions. Our vision is to enable internet users to have one single and secure key for securing access across from any device to any number of services. To realize this dream, we developed our next-generation YubiKey in close collaboration with internet thought leaders, and we are a key contributor to the FIDO Alliance U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) open standards specifications.

How we are different

Yubico sets new world standards for simple, secure login, preventing unauthorized access to computers, servers, and internet accounts.

Supporting multiple authentication and encryption protocols on all devices and platforms, Yubico's YubiKeys protect access to user accounts for the world’s largest enterprises with a simple touch, and with no driver or client software needed.

Yubico is a leading contributor to the FIDO Universal 2nd Factor open authentication standard, and Yubico’s technology is used, and loved, in more than 150 countries.