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Company size (employees)150


ZeroFOX, founded in 2013, has grown to nearly 150 employees worldwide with $40 million in funding. Their vision is to protect organizations from the risks introduced by social networking and digital communication platforms, and in the past three years, ZeroFOX has developed a comprehensive platform to detect and takedown social media threats. By continuously monitoring social platforms for cyber attacks, information loss, social engineering campaigns, account compromise and fraud, ZeroFOX protects your people where they are most vulnerable. Leveraging cutting edge technology and proven security practices, ZeroFOX provides both targeted protection and global insights into the world of social media threats.

How we are different

• 500% employee growth in the past 2 years
• Raised $40M in funding in the past 3 years
• Developed the industry standard social media security platform, designed to detect and remediate the full spectrum of social media threats.