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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

Zimperium provides the only solution in the market to secure devices against device, network and application threats in a single solution. A single solution eliminates the need to install multiple products for jailbreak detection, mobile antivirus, network attack detection, VPN clients and mobile application scanning solutions. The company’s proprietary machine learning technology significantly lowers cost and complexity when securing devices, users and corporate data.

Zimperium can be deployed into several different cloud providers delivering the most flexible mobile threat defense solution at the lowest overhead for enterprise security teams.

Zimperium’s z9 for mobile malware is like having a world-class threat researcher, who can detect brand new malicious apps in seconds, rather than days, on every single mobile device within a company. To date, Zimperium has detected every single zero-day attack without requiring an update. This is an enormous technical advantage for enterprises looking to secure their devices today and tomorrow.

Brief Overview

Zimperium’s mission is to improve the security of the entire mobile ecosystem and the company is extremely passionate about protecting every mobile and IoT device, as well as protecting the people who use them. Zimperium’s core solution, zIPS™, is the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system app that provides comprehensive protection for iOS and Android devices against mobile network, device and application cyberattacks. The solution is capable of continuously learning and updating itself, enabling Zimperium’s world-renowned research team, zLabs, to discover new mobile vulnerabilities and develop solutions to fix security flaws. zLabs is made up of Android and iOS security specialists and white-hat hackers who have pioneered many new and innovative approaches to security, like signature-independent protection using machine-learning.

Zimperium fulfills the market need to secure both corporate and BYO devices from threats via the mobile operating systems, networks and mobile apps; it is uniquely designed to secure these devices wherever they may roam, without invading user privacy or downgrading user experience. Zimperium’s on-device mobile threat defense technology is flexible to meet the needs of any enterprise with multiple deployment and reporting methods. With Zimperium, businesses can easily transform existing mobile devices into powerful sensors to gather data and identify their riskiest devices and situations.

For this reason, Zimperium partners with top telecommunications companies, including Telstra, SmarTone, Deutsche Telekom and Airtel, in order to detect mobile threats in their networks,reduce mobile threats and risks for their customers. The company also developed the “Zimperium Handset Alliance,”an industry effort to foster better communication between researchers, Apple, Google, mobile network operators, mobile application developers and device vendors, to improve security and patch procedures.