Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS)

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Organizations offering iOS or Android apps need a comprehensive, layered mobile app protection strategy to protect confidential data, intellectual property, and the customers they serve. This approach must also be practical for developers and should not cause significant development delays, be easily implemented, not affect app performance, and keep pace with rapidly evolving threats.

Zimperium is the only mobile security platform purpose-built for enterprise environments and secures the entire mobile ecosystem, from applications to endpoints. Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) enables organizations to secure apps during development and runtime by automating and integrating security into the entire mobile application lifecycle.

During development, when teams are focused on getting features and functionality delivered quickly, minimizing vulnerabilities, and securing critical assets, MAPS integrates directly into existing processes to continuously identify security and compliance risks, quickly isolate vulnerable code, and provide recommendations for easy fixing.

Once apps are published and organizations need to prevent attackers from finding vulnerabilities, stealing data, and reverse engineering code, MAPS provides visibility into tampering attempts, protects encryption keys with white-box cryptography, and protects source code with app obfuscation and app shielding.

When being used on unknown devices that may have vulnerable operating systems, unsecured networks, malware, and more, MAPS continuously monitors for threats, proactively protects the app – even without a network connection – and allows in-app security updates to be made in real-time without publishing a new version.

Zimperium MAPS provides app scanning, app shielding, and runtime protection of sensitive cryptographic keys all within one solution. MAPS is the only unified solution that combines comprehensive in-app protection with centralized threat visibility.

How we are different

--Zimperium offers the only platform in the world that protects apps from in-development to on-device, with comprehensive visibility throughout, further setting it apart from other mobile security solutions in the market.
--Zimperium helps enterprises build secure and compliant mobile applications.
--Analyst firms including Gartner, IDC and others have consistently told customers, partners, or potential investors that Zimperium is “best of breed” and “the most enterprise capable solution on the market.”