ZTEdge Cloud Security Platform

Additional Info

CompanyEricom Software
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Ericom extended its innovative Zero Trust security portfolio in early 2021 with the introduction of its ZTEdge cloud security platform, a comprehensive cloud-delivered Zero Trust solution that reduces cyber-risk and improves performance, for half the cost of competitive alternatives. This scalable Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform was designed from the ground up with simplicity, flexibility, and affordability in mind, making it perfect for its intended target market– midsized enterprises.

ZTEdge security use cases include:

Identifying Users and Authenticating Devices: Connecting the right people and devices to the right apps and resources by using password-based or passwordless authorization (IAM), as well as multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Secure Web and Internet Access: Protecting users as they interact with the web and email using a unique Internet Isolation Gateway (powered by remote browser isolation) and other web security technologies such as anti-virus scanning, anti-phishing protection, secure web gateway, content disarm and reconstruction (CDR), data loss prevention (DLP), and more.

Secure Remote Private Application Access: Providing a simple way to connect remote workers with private cloud or on-premises applications, using Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities.

SaaS Application Access Control: Dedicated ZTEdge tenant IP addresses allow organizations to enforce IP-based access policies to secure apps like Office 365 or Salesforce, thereby eliminating credential theft risks.

Network Protection and Monitoring: Segmenting and monitoring networks using machine learning powered microsegmentation and granular network traffic analysis stops threats like ransomware from spreading. Cloud firewall services with IDS and IPS fed by the ZTEdge Threats Intelligence Network enables intrusions to be detected, blocked, and remediated.

User-Branch-Internet Connectivity: Integrated SD-WAN capabilities allow midsize enterprises to securely connect users and offices, as well as securely route branch traffic directly to the ZTEdge cloud and internet, thereby eliminating the need for costly MPLS circuits to backhaul traffic for centralized security enforcement.

How we are different

Key differentiation includes:

· Designed for midsize enterprises (MSEs), with a comprehensive set of integrated features delivered in modular low-cost cloud packages – While large enterprises have accelerated their adoption of Zero Trust security in response to the increased levels of cyberattacks experienced during the pandemic, midsize enterprises have trailed behind. They have a need for the same Zero Trust security controls as the Global 2000, but find existing solutions are too complex, too expensive, and too resource-intensive to manage. While ZTEdge is a comprehensive platform, is can be licensed in a modular fashion, and we don’t nickel and dime organizations for needed capabilities like Identity and Access Management, DLP, or Browser Isolation – it’s in there! And when we say low-cost, we mean it – ZTEdge is approximately half the cost of comparable alternatives.

· Simplicity – Midsize enterprises don’t have the IT and Security bench strength of larger organizations, so we took some key steps to simplify the setup and management of ZTEdge, for example:

o ZTEdge is managed in a single pane of glass, where security policies for web access, application access, network access, and more can be set and adjusted.

o The platform uses machine learning techniques to automatically define and adjust user-level application access policies, dramatically easing the process of establishing a Zero Trust security posture for an organization.

o Rather than requiring MSEs to separately license and integrate a IAM solution, we built one in – including Multi-Factor Authentication - as a standard component of ZTEdge.

· Focused Managed Service – We have worked with key Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) who focus on the small and medium size market to make ZTEdge available as a cost effective managed service that is easy to scale up or down based on the businesses changing needs