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CompanyEricom Software
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


ZTEdge Web, introduced in early 2021, integrates a series of key threat prevention technologies to ensure that users can securely browse the web, click email links, and download files without risk of being compromised by ransomware or other sophisticated malware, including advanced zero-day threats targeting today’s distributed workforce.

ZTEdge Web includes an innovative Secure Web Gateway (SWG) built around a remote browser isolation (RBI) core. Websites are categorized by content type and relative risk level by the ZTEdge Threat Intelligence Network, and policies can be set to permit access, block access, or render the website in an isolated session using RBI. When a site is isolated, all active website content (which could potentially include hidden ransomware or other data-stealing malware) runs in a virtual isolated browser in the cloud, and only a safe stream of rendered information is sent to the user’s endpoint. The user has a “typical” fully interactive and quick web experience, but behind the scenes the RBI approach ensures that no malicious code can enter an organization’s network where it can move laterally and/or access valuable content. For additional phishing protection, websites launched from URLs in emails can be rendered in read-only mode to prevent users from entering credentials. Attached files (if not blocked) are sanitized using anti-virus (AV) and content disarm & reconstruction (CDR) technology before being transmitted to endpoints, ensuring any malware within downloads is removed so it cannot compromise users’ devices.

ZTEdge Web also includes data loss prevention (DLP) technology, that can scan content being uploaded to the web and cloud applications to ensure that sensitive data is not being “leaked” outside of the organization. If sensitive information is identified, ZTEdge blocks the session and alerts the IT team of the transaction.

How we are different

Key differentiation includes:

· Comprehensive set of integrated features in one low-cost package - ZTEdge Web includes an extensive list of web security features – AV, SWG, RBI, DNS Security, SSL Inspection, CASB, and Anti-Phishing/Ransomware Prevention, and also includes built-in components that competitive solutions require customers to license separately like IAM and MFA. All of this is available in one simple to license subscription package priced at 50% of competitive alternatives.

· Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) foundation – Ericom’s award-winning RBI solution is at the core of ZTEdge Web, providing next-generation protection against zero-day web and email-based threats. By including RBI as a key standard component of ZTEdge Web, Ericom has brought the protection of this innovative technology – which historically was a solution targeted at “large enterprises” – in a simple form factor for midsize enterprises.

· Modular part of an integrated SASE platform – An organization using ZTEdge Web can easily extend this solution to cover additional network security use cases by adding a subscription to the ZTEdge Apps and Networks. This addition enables Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), cloud firewall, intrusion prevention system, and network traffic analysis.