Acceptto- Nahal Shahidzadeh

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Co-founder & COO
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Acceptto
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


A seasoned professional, Nahal Shahidzadeh has previous experience working on microprocessor designs, and was a part of the development of the Pentium 4 microprocessor at Intel Corp. with six issued and pending patents. She is an entrepreneur with broad experience covering financial services and managing private funds. This combination of multiple skills has funneled her role into leading Acceptto’s operations and planning
As a working-mother striving to excel in a male saturated field, she relates to other women fearing or experiencing the same issues. As pioneer, Nahal is trailblazing her way through the male-dominated tech industry and making way for other women already in or aspiring to join tech. And as a spokesperson, she brings attention to the early issues stemming from women’s childhood and into adulthood, thus resulting in the lack of women in STEM and tech.
Through various media interviews and contributing articles, Nahal successfully brings attention to the issue of gender stereotyping home and in K-12 environments – creating a ripple effect that continues into college and adulthood – and fogging many female students’ hopes and leaving them to feel that there is ‘no chance’ for success in male-dominated curriculums or careers.
Nahal also makes it a point to highlight holistic ways in which organizations can tackle these issues, for example:
· Acknowledging the issue & setting solutions: Recognize the gender gap, and set goals to close it.
· Actively Recruiting: Simply put: we need more women. Balance out the industry.
· Mentoring: Leverage women leaders as role models, making an effort to promote the trailblazers already in your workforce, while continuously training, coaching and mentoring to enable advancement of talent.
· Making Equality a Responsibility: Equality is a moral responsibility and has to be a genuine effort by the leaders in organizations.

Additional Information

She is an advocate for diversity being the driving force for creativity, and brings awareness to how it provides unique expertise and skills necessary in tech.
As as C-Suite executive, she is a successful example for current and future women in tech, striving to excel in a male-dominated field.
She uses her platform to bring attention to the obscured topic of women in tech/STEM, and provides modern solutions for organizations - drifting away the idea that men run the tech industry.