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CompanyPanda Security
Company size (employees)201-500
Type of solutionSoftware


Adaptive Defense 360 is a landmark product that is the first and only service that combines the most effective traditional antivirus with the latest EDR technology (Endpoint Detection and Response), ensuring proactive detection of strange behavior and advanced threats, from Cryptolocker to zero-day attacks, and providing automated response and remediation capabilities.
This advanced system relies on a new security model based on three principles:
• Continuous monitoring of all processes on a company’s computers and servers.
• Automatic classification using Machine Learning on our Big Data platform in the cloud.
• Technical experts who analyze all processes that are not classified automatically, to evaluate the behavior of everything that runs on your systems.
100% Automated Service
Forget about having to invest in technical personnel to deal with quarantines or suspicious files or disinfect and restore infected computers. Adaptive Defense 360 automatically classifies all applications using Machine Learning techniques in our Big Data environments, constantly supervised by our PandaLabs technicians.
Continuous Network Status Information
Get alerts as soon as any malware is identified on the network, with detailed information on its location, the devices affected and the type of malware. You will also get email reports about the day-to-day activity of the service.
Siem Available
Adaptive Defense 360 integrates with SIEM solutions to provide detailed data on the activity of all applications run on your systems. For those without SIEM, Adaptive Defense 360 optionally includes its own security event management and storage system for real-time analysis of all the collected data.

How we are different

1. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) functionality: Protection against advanced threats that a traditional antivirus can’t detect like Zero-Day, Advanced Persistent Threats, and Direct Attacks.
2. Classification of 100% of running applications: Maximum level of security, all active processes are certified by Panda.
3. Automatic forensic analysis: Analyzes and reports on who accessed your data and how. Detailed visibility of all that takes place on the network: timeline of threats, flow of information, how the active processes behave, etc.