Allot BusinessSecure: Reliable Network-based Security for SMBs

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Allot
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware

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● Communication service providers (CSPs) can leverage existing CPE to provide business security with BusinessSecure. In doing so, CSPs can increase brand differentiation and customer loyalty, leading to increased revenue.
● By segregating the business network, Allot BusinessSecure blocks lateral malware propagation to protect connected devices from attacks originating from within the local network. It protects end-user and IoT devices, removing the complexity of managing multiple-point products for the end-user. It also uses AI to identify and profile all connected devices on the business network to detect and act upon anomalous device behavior.
● Allot BusinessSecure protects and hardens the consumer’s CPE by providing password strength enforcement, DNS tampering protection, open port analysis and protection, process and communication white-listing, and two-factor-authentication access control. It is compatible with legacy routers, tested with leading CPE manufacturers, and has negligible latency with no impact on user experience or throughput.

Brief Overview

Allot BusinessSecure is a new solution that CSPs can offer SMB and Enterprise customers to protect them from emerging cybersecurity threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware and crypto-miningjacking, while increasing revenue. The solution guarantees a simple, reliable and secure network for the connected business. This is achieved through a small firmware agent installed on the business router, supported by the Allot Secure cloud, and a mobile application. These elements work in concert to provide unprecedented visibility into the network and block both external and internal attacks.

Using Machine Learning technology and network visibility tools, Allot BusinessSecure automatically identifies all devices in the network and applies a customizable security policy to protect them and the network. The solution offers a network-based antivirus service that requires no security expertise or and no installation on business or employee devices. In addition, Allot BusinessSecure hardens the customer premises equipment (CPE) to further protect against many types of vulnerabilities in real time, while allowing the segmentation of devices.
Allot BusinessSecure is managed through a mobile application that provides a simple way for business managers to oversee the security of the business network. Through the unified BusinessSecure application, businesses can assign devices to a device group or branch and apply content control to the selected branch, device group or individual device to tailor ‘allowed’ content during working hours. The application also delivers unified reporting on all protected devices, including IoT devices on the network. BusinessSecure includes a self-diagnostics chatbot that greatly reduces the time and effort required to troubleshoot network problems.