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  • Job title of nominated professional: VP of Marketing
  • Company (where nominated professional or team is working): DomainTools
  • Website:
  • Company size (employees): 50 to 99
  • Country: United States
  • Headquarters Region: North America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this professional or team deserves recognition:

Integrity is especially important in the infosecurity industry. The overuse of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt), and over-selling features and benefits have resulted in a lack of trust in the security space. Ariella puts major emphasis on staying true to realistic and fair benefits to be expected from DomainTools’ solutions. This is apparent in DomainTools’ true and tried brand voice, no BS, no hype, no problem.

Ariella has an unwavering commitment to DomainTools’ customers. She is responsible for building the Customer Advisory Board consisting of “power users” to help better understand how to provide more value to users and have an open and honest dialogue. In addition, Ariella owns the Net Promoter Score survey to efficiently collect opportunities for improvement. Whether it be communication, product enhancements, or understanding customer tool ecosystems, Ariella aims to provide the best possible customer experience. Analyst days also serve Ms. Robison’s goals to not only know current opportunities to improve DomainTools’ data and products, but to anticipate industry trends and customer needs.

Arguably the reason Ms. Robison is most deserving of this recognition, is the impact of her programs to the infosecurity community. The infosecurity community is built on the fundamental principle that in order to combat cybercrime, we must work together. Ariella is committed to “paying it forward” with a focus on provisioning free access to DomainTools data and products to nonprofits, higher education programs, and reports. A few examples include:
- Full support of higher education initiatives: Free access to DomainTools Iris in SANS course FOR578, and collaboration for programs like a recent USENIX symposium on BDRAs.
- Comprehensive free access for investigative reporter, Brian Krebs. Krebs has found DomainTools data invaluable in a number of investigations.
- Creating industry partnerships with researchers like ThreatConnect (attribute nation state).

In less than 300 words, summarize the achievements of the professional or team in the nominated category

VP of Marketing, Ariella Robison, effectively built DomainTools marketing organization from the ground up. Not only was she an integral member in DomainTools’ pivot from the domain space into the infosecurity market, she designed key messaging, developed personas, and assembled a well-oiled marketing team. The marketing team, originally 2 members, has experienced a 550% increase to sustain DomainTools rapid pipeline growth (343% since the beginning of Ariella’s tenure). Lastly, Ariella played a key role in launching DomainTools’ inaugural product, the Iris Investigate Platform.

In addition to the fundamental and foundational growth needed to support significant year-over-year expansion, Ariella continues to play a major role in developing the corporate strategy. Furthermore, she is responsible for crafting critical portions of the Go-To-Market playbook, and plays a significant role in topics such as GDPR, and other regulatory policies. Ariella built the DomainTools analyst relations program from scratch, and owns DomainTools Press Relations. Her rapid response program has resulted in mentions in publications like The New York Times, Forbes, BBC, ABC, The Register Guard, Dark Reading, and The Telegraph. Finally, to enable DomainTools continued growth potential, Ariella has owned channel/partner marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, and customer marketing events.

When it comes to having a deep understanding of the infosecurity space, Ms. Robison leads by example. She has created relationship with infosec organizations like SANS, FS-ISAC, APWG, M3AAWG, and more. Ariella is also a proponent of staying on top of industry trends by participating in key security events (i.e. Black Hat, RSA, SANS Briefings, and FIRST), engaging with top security publications, reading timely APT reports, and ongoing conversations with the top analysts firms like Forrester, Gartner, and EMA.


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