Additional Info

Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Founder & CEO
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Living Security
Company size (employees)50 to 99
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Ashley Rose is using her entrepreneurial talent and marketing skills to make a big impact on the cybersecurity industry. Rose entered the tech industry as a product leader on a software team and quickly developed strong intuition for delivering solutions that meet her customers’ needs. Along the way, she recognized a growing need in the market for cybersecurity training programs that truly move the needle for enterprise security. In 2017, Ashley and her husband Drew, who has a cyber background from the US military, founded Living Security with a mission to provide a human risk management solution that does more than meet compliance needs. The company takes a scientific approach to training, creating immersive learning experiences that mitigate risk by truly changing user behavior. Instead of boring, check-the-box awareness courses that are immediately forgotten, Living Security’s comprehensive training program is 16 times more effective than traditional learning platforms. In addition, CISOs utilizing the platform are given the data they need to know that training is truly having a measurable impact on their security culture. In 2020, Living Security introduced CyberEscape Online, the first fully virtual, team-based cybersecurity training platform on the market. With the rapidly expanding threat landscape, Living Security’s solutions are fulfilling a pressing need, turning enterprises end users into their best security assets.


Ashley is not only a strong leader at work, having achieved 3x growth as a startup leader in as many years, but she is also passionate about supporting her community. In addition to serving as a mentor for entrepreneurship programs at local universities, including the University of Texas at Austin, Ashley has led the Living Security team in several meaningful initiatives to give back to the greater Austin community. The team has run matching donation campaigns for Mental Health Awareness and in 2021, during historic snowstorms that hit the Austin area leaving residents in dire need of assistance, Ashley championed Living Security to raise money in the #lovethyneighbor campaign for Austin Urban League. Most recently the team came together at the end of 2021 to donate to SAFE, an Austin non-profit supporting women who are the victims of domestic violence. Ashley has made giving back a pillar of Living Security’s values.

Ashley is also an industry thought leader, driving cybersecurity forward by contributing her insights to various national and industry publications including Forbes, TechRepublic, Darkreading, Security Magazine, CyberWire and Cybersecurity Ventures. She is also a member of Forbes Technology Council.

Ashley is incredibly passionate about empowering other women in the cybersecurity industry. It’s no secret that the industry is male-dominated, and Ashley leads by example, making sure that Living Security has a diverse and inclusive team. The company strives to maintain a 50-50 gender balance, and Ashley makes it a mission to mentor other women trying to break into the cybersecurity industry. She regularly participates in community-driven programs at local universities and non-profits in order to help other women move forward. She is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization as well as The Forte Group - Women Leaders in Cybersecurity.