Axiad SMARTidentity

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Axiad
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

- Axiad Airlock: SMARTidentity is the only solution to offer Airlock, which allows organizations to restrict access to their full system until users take specific, company-assigned directives. This could be updating an expired credential, completing a security training, activating a new device, etc. This is essential in the age of remote working – companies need to keep employees up to date on the latest security protocols to keep them secure, but nearly a third of employees haven’t been trained in the last six months. Airlock drives the right security best practices and behaviors from employees without fully locking them out of their corporate network.

- MyCircle: SMARTidentity offers MyCircle, a feature that allows users to gain emergency access to their system without contacting IT. If a user is locked out, they simply go to their pre-designated coworker to confirm their identity and give them access to the system and resolve their credential issues. This eliminates the need for vulnerable one-time passwords, and eliminates help desk calls. Businesses benefit from their IT team getting back to their strategic priorities: one Axiad customer, a large railroad company, reported a 30% decrease in help desk tickets post-deployment.

- One Click Issuance: Competitors offer complex, multi-step processes to issue and activate credentials. With SMARTidentity’s user portal, Axiad provides One Click Issuance, a streamlined process to enroll any credential within seconds. This empowers users to take charge of their credentials without losing productivity. One leading healthcare provider reported 100% user satisfaction after deploying their Axiad solution.

Brief Overview

As passwords become increasingly vulnerable to security attacks, enterprises are searching for a passwordless solution for their employees. Currently there is no one identity credential that can fully secure all their users and data, so they need to adopt multiple credentials to protect access to all of their applications. Often this requires creating a patchwork of authentication tools that are time consuming for IT to manage, and complex for users to keep track of.

Identity credential management is simplified with SMARTidentity. This user-centric and secure platform allows businesses to manage all their credentials in one place. They can easily integrate their existing identity credentials into the platform and introduce new credentials, giving enterprises the flexibility to adopt additional authentication technology in the future. This means organizations can continue to maximize their security as their business grows, without worrying about the management of their identity credentials.

SMARTidentity reduces the time and maintenance costs for IT by ensuring they no longer need to maintain various systems for each credential. This makes onboarding and offboarding of identity credentials easy and eliminates the risk of forgetting to deprovision a credential when an employee leaves the company.

This solution also reduces the complexity of credential management for end users. Employees no longer need to struggle to remember the various applications for each credential type in order to renew and replace them, and no longer need to waste valuable time reaching out to their help desk for assistance. Instead Axiad’s SMARTidentity solution offers a simple user platform where employees can manage all their credentials in one place. With the increasing trend of working from anywhere, SMARTidentity allows users to be empowered to manage all their credentials without losing productivity or contacting the help desk.