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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Compass by Blackbird.AI is a groundbreaking new AI-powered product designed to combat online misinformation and disinformation. In today’s digital landscape, it’s increasingly more work to distinguish reliable information from questionable sources. Misinformation and disinformation erode healthy debate, fuel polarization, and hinder knowledge-building.

Compass provides crucial context to online claims or links from articles, social media posts, or videos. When you input a question or link, it processes data from thousands of internet sources in real time. Using Blackbird.AI’s Narrative Intelligence Platform, Compass checks claims, analyzes results, and generates an accurate answer with footnotes and citations. It offers a fast, smart, and reliable way to fact-check information.

Companies, journalists, government organizations, and the public can use Compass to verify claims simply by typing a question or pasting a link. For viral misinformation like “The Eiffel Tower is burning,” which can spread rapidly online before being debunked, Compass provides clear, evidence-based answers to clarify the narrative.

Quickly contextualizing and fact-checking online information is invaluable in an era of rampant misinformation. Compass empowers users to confidently navigate the complex terrain of online narratives, promoting healthy discourse and knowledge-building.

This product represents just one example of the AI technologies Blackbird.AI is developing to stay ahead of threat actors who may use AI for malicious purposes. Innovative solutions like Compass are crucial for maintaining a well-informed society as misinformation evolves.

Key Capabilities / Features

Compass by Blackbird.AI Features Include:
+ Analyzes the context of complex and controversial claims with comprehensive checks across hundreds of thousands unique sources to “research” its response with real-time efficiency to ensure the most current information is used to contextualize claims.
+ Capable of handling a wide array of content, including text prompts, links to articles, social media posts, videos, and memes.
+ Designed for ease of use, allowing users to receive a context-rich, relevant and informative summary response effortlessly, complete with citations and sources.

How we are different

Compass by Blackbird.AI is a groundbreaking, AI-powered web app designed to guide you through the complex terrain of online misinformation and disinformation. Its purpose is to help you quickly find reliable information by providing context around controversial or uncertain claims that often circulate online.

Have you ever found yourself scouring the internet, wading through numerous sources, trying to separate fact from fiction, only to end up more confused? Misinformation and disinformation can make navigating the digital world a daunting task, eroding healthy debate, fueling polarization, and hindering the pursuit of knowledge.

Online misinformation and disinformation pose a global threat, and finding trustworthy information is often frustrating and time-consuming. Daily, we sift through countless social media updates, news stories, and videos to distinguish between reliable and questionable content.

Compass by Blackbird.AI provides context and clarity to online claims. When you submit a question or link, you can use it to fact-check claims or links from articles, social media posts, or videos. Compass by Blackbird.AI processes data in real-time from thousands of sources across the internet. It then checks claims and analyzes results using Blackbird.AI's Narrative Intelligence Platform, generating an accurate answer with footnotes and citation links.

Organizations and individuals can use Compass by Blackbird.AI to check claims by typing questions or providing links. For example, viral shares like "The Eiffel Tower is burning" or "Australia is not real" can be confounding. These memes spread rapidly and were challenging to debunk. Compass adds clarity by generating lucid, evidence-based answers to these narratives.

Compass by Blackbird.AI comprehensively checks hundreds of thousands of sources to ensure its responses use current information. It can handle text prompts, articles, social media posts, videos, and memes. Users receive context-rich, relevant, and informative summary responses effortlessly, with citations and sources.