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Cb Response is purpose-built for the enterprise SOC and IR teams. Offering a streamlined UI that’s built for speed, unlimited historical data retention and unlimited scaling to fit even the largest enterprises, this market-leading IR and threat hunting tool empowers the SOC with:

Complete Visibility with Continuous Centralized Recording

– Capture all threat activity with 100% continuous recording.

– Centralized storage means the data you need is always at your fingertips.

– Visualize the complete attack kill chain so you always find the root cause
and see lateral movements to accelerate investigations.

– Unlimited data retention for full historical review of any attack – no matter
how long the dwell time.

Real Time Response

– Reduces average IR time from 78 hours to less than 15 minutes per incident.

– Stops attacks in progress by isolating infected systems, terminating
processes and banning hashes across an enterprise.

– “Live Response” enables complete & remote remediation of infected
systems. Take any action, such as collecting advanced forensic data
or running custom scripts, from any location.

– Use knowledge of root cause to close gaps and prevent future attacks.

Proactive Threat Hunting

– Stop the headline breach and detect advanced attacks faster.

– Proactively discover the most advanced threats that make it past
your defenses.

– Leverage open APIs to integrate with the rest of your security stack
for advanced attack correlation.

Proven at Scale

– Requires minimal resources and infrastructure investment – 99% of
all enterprises can deploy in a single server cluster.

– Turnkey integrations and open APIs ensure a seamless fit in even the
most complex environments.

– Enables prioritized patch management through tight integration
with IBM BigFix.

How we are different

- Cb Response provides real-time threat response & remediation – cutting average IR time to less than 15 minutes

- Cb Response offers complete endpoint visibility by recording 100% of activity to speed IR & enable proactive threat hunting

- Cb Response offers unlimted data retetion and scale, designed to fit
even the largest installations, and offers unlimited data retention to meet compliance and dwell time requirements