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CompanySearchlight Cyber
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Cerberus is a powerful dark web investigation platform born from the company’s work with governments and national law enforcement agencies. The platform creates a mirror image of the dark web, allowing security teams to safely navigate the most comprehensive dataset of clear, deep, and dark web sources on the market. It allows investigators and analysts to track threats on dark web marketplaces, forums and sites and gain visibility into the sale of credentials, vulnerabilities, malware, and more. It gives investigators and security teams the ability to investigate individuals and groups with the ability to cross-reference usernames, aliases, and historic activity, uncovering the activity of criminals.

Dark web intelligence provided by Cerberus helps investigators and security teams to build threat models on cybercriminal groups that are most likely to attack the company. The data enables teams to pinpoint the capabilities and tactics of these adversaries and put in place specific security measures to combat them. Cerberus is instrumental in bringing perpetrators to justice, as law enforcement agencies can gather evidence on cybercriminal groups from organized crime, arms-dealing to human trafficking groups.

Cerberus Ransomware Search and Insights module helps investigators to gain the advantage over ransomware groups with access to continuously updated dark web threat intelligence on their latest tactics, leak sites and forum posts, known members, and victims.

With previously unseen live insight into ransomware activity, security personnel can identify which ransomware groups are targeting organizations that match their profile (e.g. industry, geography, size) and tailor their defences with a better understanding of potential attack vectors.

Cerberus’ case management features enable investigators, and security analysts to maintain, audit, and report on multiple investigations across multiple teams. Features like automated alerting, reporting, and sharing of resources allow cases to be built in real-time and enable collaboration across departments within the

How we are different

● Cerberus uses proprietary techniques to deliver the most comprehensive dark web dataset on the market, providing access to intelligence that was previously unobtainable. It has been used in some of the biggest cases involving dark web activity and has had a proven impact in bringing perpetrators to justice.
● The platform does not require technical skills, or background knowledge to use and allows investigators to track criminals on the dark web without putting themselves at risk or having to install any special software.
● The Cerberus Ransomware Search and Insights module helps investigators gain the advantage over ransomware groups with access to continuously updated intelligence on their latest tactics, known members, and victims.