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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)VP, Information Security
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)ActiveCampaign
Company size (employees)500 to 999
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


As VP of IT at ActiveCampaign, Chaim is on a mission to put its small business customers at ease, and trust that their data and their customers’ data are secure living in the ActiveCampaign platform. In 2020, his team has taken a layered security approach. They not only conducted internal pen testing, they also had the top 50 researchers in the world test the platform, through Bugcrowd.
Although the platform is not a security product, he wouldn’t settle for simply meeting compliance. Chaim’s goal is to make the product as secure as possible, and go above and beyond what is expected of modern security. He and his team vet and re-vet the platform’s security, and allocate resources based on the findings. Customers see these continued investments, like in the Customer Success Commitment, which gives businesses considering ActiveCampaign as their CXA platform a transparency most other SaaS solutions do not. To Chaim, transparency is not additional — it’s integral. All of this means customers can have the utmost confidence in ActiveCampaign. Customers’ data forms the bedrock of their business, and ActiveCampaign business is protecting that, according to Chaim.

Prior to joining the ActiveCampaign team, Chaim built application security programs at two of the highest-valued SaaS startups in Chicago, Uptake and Avant. Chaim has created multiple SaaS-specific security programs using his expertise in offensive security to secure fast-paced high-growth environments.

Chaim is also actively involved in the information security community. He is a lifetime member and contributor to the OWASP Foundation, and he currently sits on several advisory boards, including Cloudflare, GitLab, Bugcrowd and Cybereason.


1. Doesn’t settle for meeting compliance standards, pushes his team to offer the very best in modern security
2. Created security programs at three of the highest-valued SaaS start-ups in Chicago, ActiveCampaign, Uptake and Avant
3. Active in the security community by sitting on boards at Cloudfare and GitLab