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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Cimcor
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Cimcor, Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


The Cimcor Team has always heavily focused on ensuring clients’ needs are exceeded in scope, but the year 2020 presented a crucial challenge. When Cimcor announced that Zoom Video Communications, Inc. had turned to the CimTrak Integrity Suite File and System Integrity Monitoring software to support evolving business needs, innovations, and continued growth as millions of users globally utilized Zoom.
The Cimcor team committed to delivering to Zoom a security, integrity and compliance solution enterprise-wide.
Meeting the extensive increase and rapid demand for users and services, Zoom’s need for additional integrity monitoring and security for the millions of participants using the video meeting platform required increased coverage and security for servers and network devices. The Cimcor team flawlessly executed on this demand, as Zoom usage continued to ramp up worldwide during the 2020 pandemic.
With 60,000-plus servers, Cimcor worked closely with Zoom utilizing current and future releases of CimTrak helping to streamline many of its security processes and compliance requirements via the CimTrak solution.
It was a fundamental shift that Zoom created in how we communicate both in business and in our personal lives. As global expansion continued, the Cimcor team diligently worked with Zoom as a strategic partner to help provide innovative methods to secure their dynamic and rapidly growing infrastructure.


-Strategic/Technological Advances:
Alignment and integration with IT Service Management processes and products and deployment within Zoom reinforced the Cimcor Team' strategy to support and align with SecOps industry efforts. As a result of the Cimcor Team efforts, CimTrak now provides the first and only ‘in-product’ capability to create a closed-loop change management solution to reconcile expected changes with observed changes and provide automated remediating and roll-back capabilities.
-Security/Compliance Focus:
Security and compliance practices have always been forefront for Cimcor. During this pandemic, there were new cybersecurity challenges and increased risk. The Cimcor team ensured that security and compliance software CimTrak helped provide Zoom with the assurance that their servers and network devices were always operating in an expected and secure state.
-Unaparrelled Customer/Client/Company dedication
The unrelentless pace of deployment was merely an afterthought as the Cimcor Team focused on Zoom's scale-up efforts. Internally, the excitement and amazement of creating capabilities and troubleshooting concerns were always met with energy and focus, while never straying from Cimcor's mission of trying to solve a tremendous problem with a breach. It takes approximately 206 days before an enterprise realizes it has been breached. It takes another 73 days to remediate that breach. With a focus on that singular mission, the team focused on helping enterprises drive both of those unacceptable statistics to zero.
With the need for real-time security and compliance continuing to scale up as the use of Zoom increased globally, the Cimcor Team ensured Zoom teams were able able to comply with expanding security and regulatory requirements while being able to mitigate risks in real-time.