Cyvatar effortless, automated & fully managed cybersecurity services

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


Cyvatar provides leading and emerging financial services organizations with first all-inclusive subscription-based, cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS), protecting their resources and confidential information.

Cyvatar provides expert cybersecurity pros, provably successful processes and best-of-breed security tools for superior compliance and cyber-attack protection. Cyvatar guarantees proper identification of assets, installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, and maintenance.

Instead of continually throwing more and more tools at the problem and drowning in security alerts, financial services organizations achieve provably reliable cybersecurity and demonstrable compliance with the most stringent requirements.

Cyvatar’s method is continuous, protecting against attack vectors that haven’t even surfaced yet. Provably, reliably, and continuously. One of our customers called us the Netflix of cybersecurity – a description we think is apt!

Americor, a next gen financial services company, is a clear example. “We’ve deployed asset management across all of our devices since we started with Cyvatar. Now we know our current landscape from a security perspective. Our threat detection and mitigation are now fully automated. I’m no longer worried about our assets, so I’ve been able to shift to initiatives such as continually tightening email security and multi-factor authentication MFA across databases. Since we have that great baseline now, it’s a lot easier to check things off the list. Also, we’ve been able to do all this in less time than we’d initially planned for.”

Americor’s search for the optimal cybersecurity services provider was extensive and intense. The Company’s growth and scale would soon necessitate more extensive and advanced capabilities, and a best-in-class provider committed to continuous threat detection innovation and response. In its rigorous evaluation, Cyvatar emerged the clear winner.

“Cyvatar helped us find, prioritize and close vulnerabilities that could potentially otherwise be exploited. Our threat detection and mitigation are now fully automated, and our CEO cites our strong cybersecurity posture as a key advantage and growth enabler.”

How we are different

• Many CISOs we work with have struggled to maintain upwards of 250 security tools in their arsenals; the average is 108. Increasingly sophisticated and relentless cyber-attacks and high-profile breaches (JBL, Solarwinds, Log4j, etc.) spur the purchase of more and more tools, but companies rarely (if ever) have the right people and processes in place to ensure the tools they purchase are installed and configured correctly – to say nothing of the ongoing assessments, patch management, remediation, and maintenance needed to meet ROI targets. Cyvatar delivers effortless cybersecurity in a Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS), providing small to medium-sized business with automated, fully managed cybersecurity services – without constant struggles to find and retain cyber talent, and without costly, complex security stacks.

• Cyvatar is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective means for achieving cybersecurity. Its all-in-one subscription-based service and pros together let organizations of any size achieve optimal security outcomes and immediate time-to-value, while demonstrably reaching desired security postures or compliance standards.

• Importantly, we replace ownership with membership. Cyvatar members can join in seconds at no cost with Cyvatar Freemium. They can choose the packages and pricing that meets their unique business needs as they scale, and they can cancel anytime - another industry first. Our membership model levels the playing field by democratizing cybersecurity and making the best protection accessible and affordable for every size organization, even if they have no cybersecurity expertise in house.