Dr. Guy Bunker (@guybunker)

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Senior Vice President, Products
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Clearswift
Company size (employees)135-150

In 3 bullets, summarize why this professional or team deserves recognition:

•Dr. Guy Bunker is dedicated to the pursuit of information security technologies that protect critical information and enable business to move forward. He is devoted in developing effective cybersecurity solutions and has proven this through his work.

•Dr. Bunker spends countless hours with customers in order to truly understand their challenges and solve future needs. He values two-way interaction to ensure that the security strategy fits the clients unique and specific cybersecurity needs. When ARgon for Email launched in April 2015, Bunker worked hand-in-hand with partners and new clients to meet a need to utilize Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction technology in conjunction with their existing solutions, rather than replacing their incumbent solution.

•Dr. Bunker confronts challenges head on with a vision to reduce the stress of company executives, while making conducting business safe, secure and simple.

Check out Guy's expertise in cybersecurity as he explains Clearswift's Adaptive DLP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iGmr_8ikKQ

Brief Overview

Increasing the effectiveness of cybersecurity, risk and compliance is something that Dr. Guy Bunker views as a long term project rather than something that happens overnight. As the Senior Vice President of products at Clearswift, he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of information security technologies that not only protect individuals and organizations, but ones that do so in a way that fit seamlessly into a business without causing extra work or slowing everyday operations. It is with this outlook that he achieved the development of Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (Adaptive DLP) Solutions as well as the launch of ARgon; solutions that, instead of slowing business due to ‘stop and block’, enhance business. This is possible due to Adaptive DLP’s ability to automatically remove only the content which breaks policy and then send the rest of the email and attachments onwards. In the connected and collaborative world we live in today, Bunker saw the dire need of solutions that can protect company’s critical information but enable them to work collaboratively.

Bunker’s achievements not only impact Clearswift in its goal to provide strong security that enables business workflow, but also impact the security industry as a whole. The functionality that Adaptive Redaction supplies is changing perceptions in the marketplace around the effectiveness of DLP.

Guy Bunker has been instrumental in driving technologies that not only protect enterprises, but do so in a way that does not inhibit everyday business. He has dedicated his career to evaluating and developing security solutions that deliver simple, effective and easy to use solutions for enterprises and government agencies. Dr. Guy Bunker has spent over 20 years working in information security, guiding Clearswift through the development of a game-changing product, contributed several US patents in the space and is a respected author, speaker and board advisor.