Education Solutions to End the Cybersecurity Skills Gap and Solve the Talent Shortage

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


At the start of 2022, there were 4 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally. Among the other top challenges for enterprises is making sure that all of their employees also become educated in cybersecurity to some degree so that they can respond to threats. ThriveDX has set out to solve both of these issues by offering end-to-end cyber skills and talent solutions that focus directly on people. The company provides both cybersecurity training to upskill employees as well as talent solutions to educate the next generation of cyber employees and close the talent gap. The company partners with top-tier academic institutions and corporations worldwide to assist in offering cutting-edge, skills based cybersecurity training and advanced professional development programs in digital technology. In 2021, the company acquired Cybint Solutions to create their enterprise division. This event was followed by several other strategic acquisitions in 2022, Lucy Security, a leading provider of phishing and awareness training solutions and Kontra, a global leader in application security training. With these acquisitions, ThriveDX has built a range of learning solutions in cyber and information security, digital marketing, software engineering, data science, cloud computing, and UI/UX. The company uses a revolutionary educational model centered on real-world applications, combining both traditional and modern learning methods. The team is comprised of military-trained cyber experts, industry veterans, and educators specializing in the human-side of cybersecurity who teach a market-based curriculum allowing learners to authentically engage with the material while developing in-demand skills sought out by top-employers, educational institutions and enterprises.

How we are different

* ThriveDX provides security awareness training for enterprises looking to increase the cyber knowledge of their own employees. Instead of generic security awareness training that is ineffective and does little to move the needle of human risk, ThriveDX provides tailored attack simulations built specifically to a customer’s needs, with relevant training customized for specific industries, tech stacks and even employee groups.

* Since some of the most common ways external attacks are executed is through vulnerabilities in software and web applications, ThriveDX provides the most effective application security training for developers, covering secure coding best practices and providing real-world content to tackle complex vulnerabilities.

* ThriveDX also strives to create opportunity and upward mobility for millions, choosing candidates from under-represented demographics to increase diversity and inclusion in the industry.