EMEA-based Manufacturer adds StorMagic SvKMS Encryption Key Management to Secure Data and Meet Compliance

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionSoftware


In manufacturing environments, IT resources are typically limited and productivity is paramount. Ideal IT infrastructures must be easy to use and feature rich, including a data security component to reduce the risk of data theft or loss.
A large vehicle electronic equipment manufacturer in EMEA recently approached StorMagic for help securing their data.They needed to store and manage encryption keys delivered by car manufacturers which are then embedded in vehicle ECUs (engine control units) to match them to specific chassis. Before, they would carry them on memory sticks – which was non-compliant with their clients’ policies. They found that StorMagic SvKMS encryption key management not only met their requirement for FIPS 140-2 level 3 compliance, it could also support the manufacturer’s future needs for Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) keys, certificates and more.
The customer deployed StorMagic SvKMS integrated with a Utimaco HSM, which is the ‘root of trust’ delivering the customer’s required FIPS level. Despite the need to use a HSM, the client really liked the ease of managing keys through the SvKMS key management solution, as well as its flexibility to provide features and integrations. They found that SvKMS could be tailored to very manufacturing-specific workflows that no other company offered.

The encryption keys are used in car ECUs (engine control units) that the company builds for car manufacturers. They lock a specific ECU to a specific car chassis as well as allow access into the ECU for software development work. Since deployment, StorMagic has demonstrated that it can handle way more than simple database encryption — which could be disruptive in the manufacturing industry, where larger brands have before been adopted as standard. The customer is so satisfied with this initial deployment, they plan to add additional key management implementations when more workflows are moved to SvKMS.

How we are different

Adapts to any Environment
StorMagic SvKMS is an encryption key management solution that can be deployed in any environment. It simplifies complex security and key management infrastructure by providing centralized management and the ability to deploy a KMS to wherever it is needed. This makes it ideal for manufacturers with limited IT staff, whether data security is needed in the datacenter, cloud and/or for edge computing environments.

Flexible and Robust
StorMagic SvKMS is compatible with any x86 server, is hypervisor agnostic, and can be run in any cloud. StorMagic SvKMS includes a comprehensive suite of features allowing control of the full key management lifecycle, including KMIP (Key Management Interface Protocol), Bring Your Own Key (BYOK), or Customer Supplied Encryption Keys (CSEK), custom key import and REST API integration and automation.

Supports Many Integrations and Workloads
Once SvKMS is deployed, it can be connected and integrated into many different services and workloads. Thanks to the REST API included within SvKMS, it can also easily integrate with proprietary applications within an organization. By bringing all of these workloads into a centralized key manager, the entire key management operation is dramatically simplified and far more secure. SvKMS also integrates with many leading HSM vendors, to provide centralized management and advanced key management capabilities to these hardware solutions that are typically favored by organizations for their reliability and ability to provide a hardware root-of-trust.