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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Chief Information Security Officer
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)North Dakota State University
Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


As the Chief Information Security Officer of the North Dakota State University, Enrique is the university-wide leader for information security strategy. His responsibilities include the development of security policies and procedures as well as risk management, assessment and awareness activities. Enrique is also a key organizer of NDSU’s regional cybersecurity conference.

This nomination, however, focuses primarily on the work that Enrique has done in support of NDSU’s cybersecurity educational programs. In support of these activities, Enrique has given multiple presentations on cybersecurity careers and technical topics.

Enrique was also integral to the launch of NDSU’s leading ‘Hack NDSU’ program. Hack NDSU gives students real penetration testing experience by allowing them to perform authorized ethical hacking of the NDSU network and server systems. The event was co-organized by Enrique and also featured the involvement of local professional penetration testers from AppSec Consulting and Red Siege Information Security. Students had the option of performing testing on their own, under the supervision of the professional penetration testers and NDSU IT staff, or following along with the penetration testing professionals.

Enrique spearheaded the initial development of the program and attained the necessary buy-in from information technology and general university leadership. He secured funding, from NDSU Information Technology, for food for the student participants and also coordinated the legal arrangements and non-disclosure agreements for participants.

Prior to taking the CISO role, Enrique served as a lecturer for the Management Information Systems program. In this role, Enrique developed a computer forensics laboratory in the College of Business. Enrique used this advanced facility to offer training to area law enforcement, in addition to NDSU students. Prior to this, Enrique worked in NDSU’s Information Technology Division.

Additional Information

* North Dakota State University leader for information security which requires balancing security and openness needs of the university environment.
* Supported NDSU's cybersecurity program development through guest speaking and helping develop and run the Hack NDSU event, where students got to practice there penetration testing skills on the real NDSU network.
* Key organizer of the NDSU Cybersecurity Conference.