Entersekt FIDO Authentication

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


It aims to make the digital world a safer and more user-friendly place.

With digital fraud on the rise, it’s more important than ever for merchants to be able to prove the identity of legitimate customers and authenticate transactions. While many authentication methods can enable this, some rely on outdated and less secure solutions like passwords or SMS one-time PINs. Other solutions often require the use of a mobile app. A gap existed for an alternative payment authentication method that would:
-Replace passwords and weaker authentication methods
-Offer a user-friendly experience
-Not rely on a mobile app
-Meet the requirements for strong customer authentication under PSD2

We teamed up with a range of industry bodies, including the FIDO Alliance and the W3C, and designed and implemented the first FIDO-certified alternative to app-based authentication for online credit card payments in Europe.

Our FIDO solution offers:
-Enhanced usability with no need for downloading drivers, plugins or software
-An intuitive user experience that eliminates passwords
-An authentication method that does not rely on a customer’s mobile phone
-Banking-grade security that eliminates fraud and thwarts a range of attacks
-Increased efficiency by enabling a smooth and fast login and authentication process
-Greater interoperability facilitated by relying on an industry standard protocol, which ensures that a single security method such as a fingerprint scan, security key or facial recognition can be used across different platforms.

How we are different

-Passwords are clumsy, hard to remember and must be changed often. They’re also easily compromised, with up to 15 billion currently in circulation. Many alternative solutions rely on authentication methods that are weak, like SMS OTPs, or require mobile apps, which are not always accessible to all consumers. Entersekt’s FIDO authentication solution is the answer to these challenges for institutions that want to provide their customers with a frictionless, more secure and globally recognized standard of passwordless authentication. By combining the use of either roaming or platform authenticators with our FIDO2-certified server, customers can securely and easily authenticate themselves online – without the need for a password or a dedicated mobile app. 

-We are moving banking customers closer to global, simpler, stronger authentication on the web, a notoriously problematic channel to secure and we have collaborated with industry bodies including the FIDO alliance and the W3C to ensure that our solution works across all browsers to ensure maximum uptake. Our implementation with Pluscard and Netcetera is the first FIDO-certified alternative to app-based authentication globally. The solution enables secure online credit card payments with or without the use of a mobile device. The solution provides institutions with a true multi-factor authentication method help to meet PSD2 requirements for strong customer authentication (SCA).

-Entersekt’s FIDO authentication solution is FIDO2-certified, enabling passwordless user authentication directly in the browser.