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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Chief Technology Officer
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Atakama
Company size (employees)10 to 49
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Erik is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO at Atakama, the pioneer in multifactor encryption. Responsible for technical oversight and development leadership, Erik is the architect of the patented foundational technologies that enable Atakama to rapidly prototype, build, and deploy production-ready multifactor encryption and signature solutions that protect organizations’ most sensitive data.
Erik has driven the technical development of Atakama’s uniquely decentralized approach to multifactor encryption. Eliminating central points of failure by protecting data at rest, the solution encrypts each file with a unique 256-bit AES key, which is fragmented and distributed across physical devices. Decryption occurs seamlessly, with users simply clicking on a notification prompt on a mobile device or through a secure, automated workflow facilitated by a key shard server. This patented technology enables organizations to eliminate reliance on credentials as the basis of data security – ensuring that all files stay protected even when identity and rules-based access controls fail.
Prior to joining Atakama in 2017, Erik built out global DNS company, ZoneEdit, where he ran all the DNS services for leading domain name registrars, including Verisign and Bulkregister. It was there that Erik was selected to manage the .GOV top-level domain, which saw him protecting the DNS for and successfully handling targeted attempted attacks on a daily basis. The high level of responsibility and challenge Erik took on in this role testifies to his deep technical expertise and experienced leadership in managing the most sensitive, high-security information from around the world – qualities he has brought to Atakama’s military-grade data protection.



• Erik has pioneered a unique approach to encryption technology, protecting data at rest with multifactor encryption built on distributed key management.
• Erik has an impressive professional record in cybersecurity, including managing the domain.
• Erik is a computer developer with over 25 years of broad experience in programming, systems architecture, language creation, multiplayer gaming, database design, statistical analysis, and a lot more.