ExactTrak’s Security Guardian technology

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)ExactTrak
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ExactTrak is the first embedded mobile data security to be integrated into laptops
One of the unique benefits of ExactTrak's technology is that is it hardware-based security technology. Because the security is contained on the device itself, authentication is completed before the operating system boots up making it especially hard for cyber hackers to penetrate the device as they require access to the operating system.

ExactTrak exceeds legal requirements and goes beyond encryption and provides full international data compliance
ExactTrak's technology advances mobile data security to a level that exceeds the most demanding legal requirements and gives customers control of their mobile data as never before. Being embedded into hardware, it overcomes nearly all the vulnerabilities of software-based solutions. Software encryption, in particular, can be disabled, passwords can be easy-to-remember, written down in as easy-to-find place, or shared with colleagues and family. They can also be used for personal devices and accounts which are often not subject to much security, making it easy for hackers to find a way into the corporate data secured by software encryption.

The remote delete debate:
Many competitors claim they can delete data remotely but sadly, due to a variety of factors,they only work about 50% of the time. With ExactTrak, it works 100% of the time because the device does not need to be connected to the internet to receive the command to self-destruct or be tracked geographically. The ExactTrak-enabled devices are self-powered and use GSM communications to receive and send coded commands and GPS technology so lost or stolen devices can be tracked. The ability to delete data without the need to be connected to the Internet is truly unique to ExactTrak.


ExactTrak’s technology gives customers global visibility of where their valuable, sensitive data is, what is being accessed and the ability to do something should the worst happen. Ponemon research stated in 2015 that 65% of CISOs have no visibility of what happens to their data when it leaves the corporate network. The ExactTrak service overcomes this major problem. Customers can:

• see what files have been viewed, copied, printed, or deleted.
• send commands to turn data on or off including limiting access during certain times or within certain geographic zones.
• track devices through geo-location meaning the device is recoverable and provides a verifiable audit trail that proves data is still protected and save millions in fines.
• send a command to irrevocably destroy the data chip on the device if lost or stolen.

ExactTrak’s security technology was designed to protect corporate and private data on mobile devices and achieve legal compliance requirements in a time when data breaches are daily news and enterprises could lose millions in fines and reputational losses.

Originally available as the ‘Security Guardian’ USB, a deal with AMD means the technology will also be available as an embedded solution in laptops powered by AMD processors from manufacturers such as HP, Dell and Lenovo. Both solutions are sold as-a-service.

Customers can fully control access to remote data on mobile devices through ExactTrak’s management console which can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. The service provides full data compliance that exceeds the new legal requirements.

For BYOD, ExactTrak’s use of ARM’s TrustZone means devices have separate areas for work and personal data whereby corporate customers only have control over the ‘work’ area and cannot remotely access, monitor or delete the ‘personal’ section.