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CompanyFidelis Cybersecurity
Company size (employees)300+
Type of solutionHybrid


Fidelis Network equips security-conscious organizations to confidently detect, investigate and stop advanced attackers at every stage of the attack lifecycle. It analyzes all network traffic at multi-gigabit speeds and detects the tools and tactics of advanced attackers that routinely bypass other network security systems. With Fidelis, you get the visibility, context and speed required to identify threats and ensure data theft never happens.

• Detect the Undetectable and Stop Targeted Attacks: Fidelis’ unique patent-pending metadata capture, storage and automated security analytics accelerates your ability to detect and analyze advanced targeted attacks that use commodity malware, advanced malware, customized exploits and command and control. Fidelis identifies attacker behavior, including lateral movement and the staging of data for exfiltration, so security teams can pivot from alert to investigation fast using a single interface.

• Context + Content: Fidelis Network’s Deep Session Inspection® engine generates protocol, application and content-level metadata that provides a level of context that other solutions can’t match. Expand your detection surface by applying intelligence at multiple levels of the content structure.
• Correlate Seemingly Unrelated Network Activity and Behavior: Correlate and validate alerts from seemingly unrelated network behavior by applying automated hunting and security analytics to retrospective metadata gathered on every network session.

• Real-Time and Historical Analysis in a Single Interface: Combine deep content analysis with historical analytics and the ability to detect and investigate past events with rules written specifically by the Fidelis Threat Research Team, so you can receive relevant information, apply fresh threat intelligence to network data and detect threats in your environment.

• Speed and Scalability: Perform deep session inspection at multi-gigabit speeds and receive critical information within moments so you can identify active threats in any size environment.

How we are different

• Unique visibility by unlocking the power of metadata: Fidelis Network makes it possible for you to see content across all ports and protocols and then inspect that content down to the lowest level of detail. By analyzing the content for malicious tools and capturing rich historical metadata, users get a unique combination of context so they can stop internal and external threat actors at the earliest stage of an incident.

• Performance validated by top companies and leading analyst firms: Top global organizations rely on Fidelis Network to keep their enterprises safer from attackers. A leading analyst firm have recognized Fidelis Network™ as a Strong Performer, giving Fidelis Network the highest score possible in the threat intelligence and encrypted traffic inspection criteria.

• Demonstrated ROI: To better understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with a Fidelis Network implementation, a leading analyst firm, Forrester, interviewed and surveyed existing customers. Among the financial benefits highlighted in the study were the following:

- Return on investment (ROI) of 170%
- $1.7 million in net present value (NPV)
- Payback on investment in 7 to 8 months
- 35% reduced risk exposure