Financial Services Achieve Secure Business Enablement With Votiro

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Every loan application uploaded to a web portal, spreadsheet sent via email, or signed PDF sent to an employee can contain malicious code that threatens the organization. Votiro eliminates these file-borne threats for financial institutions regardless of the channel in which it enters:

-Embedded Files or Attachments Sent via Email: Often finance professionals are sent emails with embedded images, links and files. Hackers are able to insert malicious code deep within file objects that bypass traditional detection-based security systems. Votiro offers a viable alternative. Instead of scanning for known malware signatures, Votiro’s technology finds content of the file that is known to be safe and simply moves it over to a newly created file of the same type. Any malware that might have been hidden in the original file stays there and the valuable safe content is securely delivered to employees’ inboxes.
-Documents Uploaded to a Web Portal: Finance teams use web portals to receive uploaded files. Hackers can send malware through a JPEG–such as an image of a check–or in other loan documents. Votiro delivers the content financial institutions need, no matter how complex the file type. Office documents like Word and Excel transfer easily into new files. Images and PDFs where code can be hidden away come through with every detail that is needed but no more. Even large archival files with their multitude of detail are recreated.

Most importantly, Votiro empowers financial organizations to achieve secure business enablement. Votiro counters the risk of file-borne malware without interrupting the flow of business, ensuring that every file that comes in is safe to open, save and edit. While other CDRs remove active content, Votiro will keep benign macros that are crucial to productivity. This means peace of mind for security teams and complete usability for end users.


How we are different

-Votiro Cloud is put to the test every day for the largest insurance, financial, and government institutions around the world. The company has helped banks and other financial institutions eliminate malicious exploits that signature-based solutions missed.

-Votiro Cloud supports the most amount of files (including macros, password-protected files, and active content) in the industry. Available for web downloads and uploads, email, content collaboration platforms and other applications — Votiro Cloud ensures you can safely and fully use files via any platform, no matter their type or where they came from.

-With an open API, Votiro Cloud can directly integrate with existing solutions as an additional security layer. Votiro also has native integrations with remote browser isolation tools, sandbox solutions, content collaboration tools, and more.