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CompanySilent Circle
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHardware


Data compromise is causing immeasurable harm to businesses and their trusted partners, rapidly increasing the need for encrypting and obfuscating internet traffic. For example, most devices are automatically wired to search for an internet connection, leaving executives and employees at risk of unknowingly connecting to a compromised network while traveling. The GoSilent Mobile Firewall solves these problems by encrypting all data before it even reaches the internet, thereby negating the need to worry about in-transit data loss and enabling users to work as they did before security policies muddied the waters.

GoSilent provides security and intelligence beyond the boundary of an enterprise network. It is the first portable integrated VPN, IPS, Application Firewall, and Cloud Analytics solution to safeguard remote or teleworking users. For the first time, the enterprise can have visibility and control over protecting BYOD or corporate devices from wherever users are accessing the Internet across the globe.

The GoSilent Edge Protection Suite provides the security administrator with protection and visibility into threats that target their networks, information, and workforce when operating externally. The suite allows for remote network access and defense solutions that offer the following:

● Advanced Threat Protection
● Application Visibility and Control
● Next Generation Secure Access
● Fully Extensible and Open Platform
● Policy Management and Reporting
● Granular Auditing and Logging

GoSilent is user-friendly, extremely compact and requires minimal setup. Compatible with servers, phones, desktops, laptops or any IoT device, the data in motion is government-grade encrypted and then passed through the VPN. The box can be used regardless of the user’s connection to a public or private network and will be complimented by a suite of cloud services Silent Circle will sell alongside the hardware.

How we are different

● Easy Deployment and Massive Scalability - GoSilent can be deployed from the cloud or on premise and has plug-and play functionality for any IP-enabled device (mobile phones, tablets, desktops, servers, IoT devices or legacy devices)
● Edge Security Monitoring and Protection - GoSilent inspects all traffic for a wide range of threats and has the ability to detect and prevent exposure to malicious and phishing websites and reduce advertisement traffic. Administrators are empowered to maintain cyber situation awareness across their organization through custom dashboards and reports, no matter where their employees travel.
● Military-Grade Cryptography - GoSilent provides next-generation encryption for sensitive communications. It is a Top Secret-level, quantum resistant VPN for privacy that also protects users and the enterprise from active and passive reconnaissance. The device is coupled with a full-functional REST API, organizations are able to share and apply threat intelligence with existing solutions, integrate into existing management and reporting suites.