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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionAsia


Group-IB offers more than 15 leading cybersecurity training programs for technical specialists (incident response, digital forensics, malware analysis, threat hunting and other topics) and for a wider audience (digital hygiene and personal cybersecurity) both online and offline. The courses are conducted by seasoned experts from the Group-IB Digital Forensics Laboratory certified with GCFA, EnCE and MCFE. This approach guarantees high quality training and excellent results for the students.
All courses include practical tasks based on Group-IB’s experience in conducting 1,200+ successful investigations around the world. This not only means that students receive the most relevant information from people who have first-hand experience, but also that they can immediately apply their new skills after completing the course.
Group-IB also provides students with lifelike experience, attack simulation games and training, Threat Hunting Game and other formats to practice on real-life cases.
Group-IB conducts training courses for INTERPOL, Europol, Vietnam Cybersecurity Center, TB-CERT, law enforcement and other companies worldwide. It also cooperates with 20+ educational institutions and partners worldwide to increase the level of digital literacy and conduct innovative joint training programs.

How we are different

• Practicing experts
Course trainers are specialists currently employed by Group-IB, which translates to the most up-to-date and first-hand information for course participants. Group-IB trainers work in the field of digital forensics, incident investigation, and incident response, and have taken part in cases involving Carbanak, Buhtrap, Lurk, Cobalt, Fin7, APT3, MoneyTaker, DarkVishnya, Silence, BlackEnergy, and other cybercriminal groups. Thanks to the wide experience of our trainers, the course materials are regularly updated with new cases, which ensures that the course program always reflects the latest trends.
• Vast expertise in combating advanced cyberthreats
Group-IB boasts an extensive experience in tracking more than 100,000 threat actor profiles compiled over 17 years of international high-tech investigations. Our threat researchers and analysts constantly monitor changes in tools, tactics, techniques, and procedures used by attackers as well as indicators of compromise of new threats being prepared by the most dangerous cybercriminal groups, such as Cobalt, Silence, MoneyTaker, and Lazarus.
• Teaching cyber professionals of the future
Group-IB's proprietary training programs are aimed at developing unique applied skills necessary to master the cyber professions of the future. Group-IB’s role-based learning model provides a balance of skills and tools needed to build an effective information security team and ensure security in any company.