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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Head of Cyber Security
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Government of UAE
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti holds a prestigious, yet critical responsibility within the UAE government, serving as the Head of Cyber Security for the UAE. As a passionate and dedicated leader, his contributions to elevate the UAE cyber security posture on a national level have made a measurable and positive impact, by securing critical national infrastructure, increasing national cyber awareness and developing cyber talent, and collaborating with other countries to exchange knowledge and intelligence, and empowering developing nations in enhancing their cyber security capabilities.


Dr. Al-Kuwaiti led the UAE “National Cyber Capacity Building” initiative, which is a multipronged program addressing several crucial aspects to benefit UAE society, improve the UAE’s national cyber resilience, and strengthen the cyber security posture of the UAE.

Furthermore, during the past 10 years, Dr. Al-Kuwaiti contributed to the efforts aimed at spreading a cybersecurity culture in the UAE. Thereby, His Excellency has been actively involved in more than 500 cyber security lectures, workshops and conferences, as keynote speaker and thought leader impacting more than 5 million beneficiaries through social networks, conferences and more. To achieve the vision of the UAE Projects 50 and Centennial 100, Dr. Al-Kuwaiti put together a state-of-the-art innovative plan to protect the UAE cyberspace through emerging technologies such as Cloud, Big Data and AI.

Under the leadership of H.E. Dr. Al-Kuwaiti, in the UAE advanced 42 positions in the global cyber security index organized by the International Telecommunications Union under the United Nations, rising to 5th place globally in 2020 from 47th place in 2017. Hence, Dr. Kuwaiti contributed to the advancement of the UAE cybersecurity agenda by ensuring a secure digital transformation, reducing cybercrime and raising a community awareness.

Dr. Al-Kuwaiti has achieved global renown for the UAE and under his leadership, the UAE set two Guinness World Records in the past 6 months alone for the largest virtual Cyber Capture the Flag Event and the largest physical Bug Bounty competition.

As the world and the UAE experienced increased cyber attacks during the pandemic, Dr. Al-Kuwaiti’s timely and pro-active intervention played a key role in lowering the exposure of UAE to cyber attacks. There was a marked reduction in phishing attacks, identity thefts, social engineering scams and other common attacks perpetrated by cyber attackers since Dr. Al-Kuwaiti instituted pro-active preventive measures.