Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


A Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE platform, ensures that any connection originating from a user or device to any destination in the cloud is secure and meets the organization’s connectivity requirements. However, with retail company regulations and security risks associated with SaaS cloud delivered platforms, leveraging a SASE platform for secure connectivity can be a challenge.
The iboss platform is the leading SASE platform that is architecturally based on containerization. Containerization allows iboss to deliver secure connectivity for users anywhere while maintaining a completely isolated and controlled network data path. In addition, a fully containerized architecture allows for natural hybrid deployments where proxy and firewall security features can be delivered within an organization’s private network, while leveraging the cloud based service, if needed, for remote users or branch offices.

Understanding containerization is the key for retail companies in need of a highly secure SASE service. With a containerized service like iboss, the network connections from devices and users are processed within isolated containerized gateways which perform proxy and firewall functions. The containerized gateways never process data for any other organization and data is never mixed with that of any other customer. Containerized gateways are destroyed and created in seconds providing horizontal scaling and a global SASE fabric.
With alternative SASE platforms that lack containerization, network traffic from multiple organizations are processed within the same gateways that proxy, decrypt and firewall data for other organizations. Mixing data within the gateways that perform functions like decryption not only results in latency but increases security risks. The largest organizations of the world have quickly migrated to iboss for cloud security as part of their cloud transformation strategy.

How we are different

*The iboss SASE platform can secure any volume of traffic because it runs in the cloud with infinite resources. This is unlike on-prem security appliances which have limited resources and quickly become saturated with the load from remote workers.

*Exponential bandwidth increases and encrypted connections require enormous processing power, which is limited within any appliance-based network security solution. Network security has no choice but to move to the cloud where the applications run. The cloud has unlimited processing ability to protect any volume of data, and moving security to the cloud sends security to the user, anywhere.

*Regardless of how the private resource is connected to the iboss cloud service, its horizontal scaling capability provided by the native containerized architecture means any volume of remote traffic can be handled with ease.