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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The largest organizations in the world have quickly migrated to iboss for cloud security as part of their cloud transformation strategy. Secure cloud connectivity is critical for cloud transformation and iboss makes this possible ensuring rapid cloud adoption and acceleration is available for any organization. Cloud-based network security is now mandatory for every organization due to employees becoming remote almost overnight. By transitioning network security to a SaaS based, cloud delivered service, remote workers can work without limitations and organizations can benefit immediately by eliminating overloaded company networks and reducing complaints about slow connections from the remote work force.

A Fortune 10 Energy company chose iboss for their cloud transformation. With an extensive feature-set required by the most demanding enterprises, only iboss cloud can transition all of the capabilities found in traditional web gateway proxies and network firewall appliances to the cloud. iboss has infinite compute capabilities and can handle any bandwidth load with its containerized horizontally scaling design. Instead of buying or renewing proxy appliances, the organization switched to iboss to solve remote work issues with ease. With iboss, the organization’s IT team was able to create filtering policies, malware prevention rules and data loss prevention policies that protect users without worrying about how that policy will make it to the user. iboss was chosen as the organization’s core global cloud-based SaaS proxy and firewall solution after extensive capability and security efficacy testing against competitors.

iboss provided a seamless transition from on-prem network security appliances to network security in the cloud. This enabled the organization to gain the full visibility and control needed to secure remote workers. With the iboss patented containerized cloud architecture, employees experienced fast and secure connections on any device, from any location, in the cloud.

How we are different

The iboss platform provides a consistent network security stack that is applied to users, regardless of their location, including trusted operated networks and untrusted remote networks. All traffic originating from users first traverses the iboss cloud platform before making it to its final destination.

The iboss platform is a SASE platform that is built on containerization, the source IP Address that is visible to the destination is always dedicated to the organization. This means that even if a user is working from a remote network, such as their home, when the network traffic makes it to the application, the source IP Address the application will see is that of the organization.

With alternative SASE platforms that lack containerization, network traffic from multiple organizations are processed within the same gateways that proxy, decrypt and firewall data for other organizations. Mixing data within the gateways that perform functions like decryption not only results in latency but increases security risks.