INE Cybersecurity Training

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


INE offers the most comprehensive and in-depth cybersecurity training on the market, at a price we’ve designed to be more accessible to people no matter which corner of the globe they are in. INE’s cybersecurity learning courses include more than 7,000 hours of video, 5,100 hands-on resources, and 800 courses, giving our more than 147-thousand students access to life-changing technology. Fortune 500 companies worldwide trust INE to keep their tech teams up to speed on the latest security technologies.
After a recent acquisition, INE overhauled its lab platform to include a game-changing suite of 2,200+ cloud-based, hands-on labs designed to catapult learners from theoretical practice into real-world scenarios. For example, operating on their browser with a single click, students can be placed in control of a large-scale corporate network and tasked to defend it with real-time attacks within a safely sandboxed environment. INE offers 14 cybersecurity certifications, viewed as essential by HR departments at large companies around the world, and endorsed by the European Central Bank within its TIBER-EU Framework. These include the EJPT, eCPPTv2, eCPTX, eWPTXv2, eCXD, eMAPT, eWPTv1, eNDP, eCIR, eCRE, eWDP, eCDFP, eCTHPv2, and eCMAP certifications.
INE’s free Starter Pass offers access to more than 66 hours of instruction, videos, slides, and 30 hands-on labs that prepare students for the eJPT at no charge.
In addition, INE hosts regular, interactive live streams on its “INE Live” platform and social media channels that feature instructors, executives, and outside experts to address current issues within cybersecurity and the IT industry as a whole.

How we are different

-- At INE, we believe the only way to be truly prepared for your career is to immerse yourself in the learning experience, hands-on, real-world tools that teach you how to do the job. Our elite, cloud-based lab platform allows us to be agile in the face of ever-changing threats and technologies. Scenarios can be created and/or changed at a moment's notice to reflect real-world threats, as in the recent cases of Log4j and WannaCry Ransomware. In a matter of hours, INE spun up labs to train students in real-time on how to defend against these attacks. This is just one example, but a telling one, as to the type of top-tier, real-world training that is absolutely critical to protecting businesses and individuals against the growing threat of cyberattacks.
-- While other training companies outsource their instruction and content creation, INE keeps all instruction and content creation in-house. From courses to videos, labs, quizzes, and certifications, the entire process is kept in-house and answers to stringent quality control requirements. If it doesn’t meet our criteria of excellence, it doesn’t get by us – period. So you can be confident that what you see on our platform is up to date, accurate, and relevant. Oh – and really fun to use.
-- Just like our students, we never stop learning, and we never stop chasing the latest and greatest technologies. When we identify new methods or opportunities that can benefit our students, we audaciously pursue them and bring them into the fold. Recently, INE acquired Pentester Academy, which allowed for a complete overhaul of the lab platform, enabling students instant access to game-changing new content. Prior to that, the acquisition of eLearnSecurity enabled INE to release 14 certifications – and we are just getting started.