ITProTV Cybersecurity Training Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ITProTV’s training has helped over 225,000 members looking to start their career, or master their profession. While many of today’s security education training courses fail to capture and retain audience attention, maintain coursework that is relevant/timely, and provide training at a fair cost, ITProTV offers over 5,800 hours of affordable, up-to-date binge-worthy courses designed to retain viewer attention through a unique format unavailable elsewhere. ITProTV maintains an array of courses and learning opportunities that are available online, on-site, in-person, and on-demand.

ITProTV’s training is presented in a talk show format, featuring two ‘Edutainers’ who interact with learners while discussing the subject. Courses are divided into 20–30-minute episodes that stay current with IT/security industry news and updates. Additionally, Edutainers are on staff and available to answer questions every day, ensuring that knowledge is provided in a timely manner.

To continue its creative momentum, ITProTV built its ninth recording studio in 2021, enabling the company to produce even more courses in new and engaging formats.

Examples of available courses include:
– CompTIA training
– Information Systems
– Security skills
– Cloud platforms
– CEHv11 training
– Cloud security
– Cloud platforms

In addition to its coursework, ITProTV hosts a daily live stream that explores what’s being filmed by ITProTV that day and offers a behind the scenes look to watch new courses as they are being made. Viewers can interact with the edutainers through a live chat to ask questions. Customers can also test their skills risk-free in lab environments created by Practice Labs™. Here they can take practice certification tests so they’re well prepared when sitting for the actual exams.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ITProTV has also assisted over 30 educational institutions that were impacted with free training, enabling them to continue their operations and their students to continue learning.

How we are different

- ITProTV, part of the ACI Learning family of companies providing Audit, Cyber, and IT learning solutions for enterprise and consumer markets, is committed to making engaging content, so it presents its courses in a talk show format, utilizing ample visual aids, to bring knowledge and entertainment to its audience.

- ITProTV provides courses that can be utilized by individuals at all levels, whether they are just starting their career or looking to master their profession. ITProTV offers both business plans and personal plans, meaning that the courses are available to anyone searching for instruction. Individuals interested in a personal plan are not barred from obtaining any certifications offered to those using a business plan, and vice versa.

- As the security landscape is always changing, online education and training must be up to date so teams are training on the latest UI, the most recent releases, and the current set of exam objectives. Therefore, ITProTV records new content every day that goes studio-to-web in as little as 24 hours. Additionally, company Edutainers are on staff and available to answer questions every day, ensuring that knowledge is provided in a timely manner.