Kaapagam Education Services Sdn. Bhd.

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionAsia


Kaapagam Education Services was launched by Kaapagam Technologies building on its core group of Information Security professionals with over 22 years of experience in providing IT Security Consultation, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests, Security Audits, Security Posture Assessments, and Disaster Recovery Consultations led by National & Regional Cyber Security Award Winning Professional, Mr. Clement Arul, our CEO .

Kaapagam Education Services provides highly focused skills training with 100% hands-on practical experience to address the cyber workforce training needs of the Corporates, Government Agencies, Banks, SMEs and aspiring wannabe cyber security professionals.

Our Courses with Certification Exams taken by students all over ASEAN are : Certified Security Aware Users, Security Aware CxO, Secure Development Professional, Android Mobile Security Professional, Penetration Testing Professional, Web Defense Professional, Network Defense Professional, Disaster Recovery Analyst, BYOD & Mobile Security Professional, Digital Forensics Professional, Incident Handling & Network Security, Big Data Security Professional, IoT Security Professional, Cloud Security Professional

Our Training Partners include Trainocate (Global Knowledge) , InfoTrek, New Horizons, Aptech, Taylors University, KDU University, Cybersecurity Malaysia, DataCom, Portcullis Technologies, and many more across ASEAN region.

Our Services include IT Security Trainings, Security Eco-system Platform (KALAM), Security Awareness, Security Conferences, Competitions & Exhibitions.

How we are different

Cybersecurity Courses offered by Kaapagam Education services are :
• Highly Focused with 100% Hands-on Training
• Developed by Seasoned Information Security. Consultants
• Courses with Real World Case Study & VMs.
• Delivered with Up-to-date Tools + tons of Tips
• Our own Scripts & Methodologies from practitioners
• Course Contents are Updated every 6 Months
• Our Course Contents are part of curriculum in top private universities

Kaapapagam Education services developed and launched KALAM, a cybersecurity Collaboration platform for students in colleges and professionals in industry. KALAM Centre of Excellence (COE) enables and assist Students to work on final year projects based on the industry requirements and enables students to be part of Community Research and Development together with industry experts and security practitioners in creating next generation local security products. To groom and provide a platform for every Student to be an Entrepreneur is our aim and hence all the project works and R&D done in our COE by the Students will be opened up thru the platform for the industry to invest and commercialize prototypes resulting in local security products that can change the world.

KALAM collaboration platform allows students and the professionals to share their knowledge and at the same time acquire points based on the community feedback with Like Buttons, comments, discussions, blogs and many more avenues. These acquired points are then used to validate the skills of the platform members whether they are Security Members / Security Professionals / Security Experts, thus creating a “COMMUNITY BASED SKILLS VALIDATION PLATFORM" for the 1st time in the world. This validation shatters the current way of looking at professionals based on 3 days or 5 days certification courses. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BWRG0epixA ]