Keystone by Irdeto

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionHybrid


During the past decades, many previously distinct functionalities have been consolidated in mobile devices – first the smartphone and later devices like smart watches and bracelets. Today, people’s live are increasing centered around connections to and from their mobile devices. Mobile devices have introduced significant benefits for businesses too, as they are now able connect their workforce from almost anywhere in the field
One of the first-to-market, Irdeto’s Keystone is a secure-by-design digital key solution for cars and trucks. It provides convenience, comfort and security allowing drivers to access their vehicle using their mobile device. Furthermore, it enables significant operational efficiencies allowing centralised, electronic generation, distribution and revocation of keys to their users.
Keystone by Irdeto is a secure, policy-based vehicle digital key solution that leverages common communication technologies (such as Bluetooth™ Low Energy, Ultra-Wide Band or Near Field Communication) to enable proximity-based vehicle access using a mobile device (such as a smartphone, a smartwatch or a smart bracelet). Additionally, by supporting centralised key management and integrations with relevant enterprise systems, such as workforce management, the Keystone solution serves as a significant market differentiator.
The solution consists of three, securely connected main components. A backend server provides a set of APIs for key life cycle management and policy administration. A mobile SDK handles all management, security and communication, allowing app developers to focus on the user experience. A vehicle SDK acts in accordance with the user’s digital key and policy and is easily integrated with major MCU platforms and providers.
Digital keys are the first application of connected vehicles providing significant benefits for consumers and businesses alike. Connecting three existing ecosystems (vehicle, mobile, cloud) requires a flexible solution, which is secure-by-design and built by the company protecting many of the world’s most loved brands.

How we are different

• Keystone is one of the first secure-by-design, flexible, hardware and communication technology-independent digital key solutions on the market and proven in large-scale deployments.
• Keystone introduces significant operational efficiencies to business users, such as logistics and rental companies, through centralized generation, distribution and revocation of digital keys into users’ mobile devices in the field.
• Keystone brings the vehicles as an integral part of consumer’s mobile-controlled ecosystem, providing convenience, comfort and security.