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KnowBe4 has garnered thousands of active enterprise customers making it the most popular security awareness training and integrated phishing platform on the market. With an exceptional customer retention rate of 90%, KnowBe4 has seen explosive year over year growth of 358% for Q4 of 2015 and an impressive 950% growth rate since 2011. KnowBe4 has appeared on Gartner’s Magic quadrant for 2 years in a row, since its inception. KnowBe4 has also captured media attention as the most often quoted and covered Security Awareness Training company in the US.

KnowBe4 provides hundreds of templates for use along with a unique way to discern the “Phish-prone” and supply immediate remedial training.

KnowBe4 captured its first round of $8 million in Series A funding just recently led by VC firm Elephant Partners..

KnowBe4 has a robust set of tools including a free Outlook Plug in that allows users to send any sort of suspicious email to IT for review and analysis. KnowBe4 also offers a free email exposure check and a phishing security test to help IT determine basic risk factors.

Designed “by admins, for admins” KnowBe4’s platform provides a simple, easy to use console allowing IT to schedule training and simulated phishing tests in groups or randomly. The double-random feature is very popular as it schedules random tests at random times eliminating the “prairie-dog” effect.

Thousands of customers have shown that the KnowBe4 approach works. Repeated studies show our customer’s employee Phish-prone percentage drops more than 90%.

How we are different

* Highest growth in customers over all competitive products - users are flocking to this product over any other
* Most complete suite of anti-phishing tools and the only to include Vishing. It is integrated CBT and phishing from conception not a mish-mash of acquired products.
* Uses Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training and is based on real world scenarios and attacks.