Krishna Rajagopal | Global Cybersecurity Visionary of the Year

Additional Info

Job title of nominated professional (or team name)CEO and Lead Cybersecurity Consultant, AKATI Sekurity
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)AKATI Sekurity
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia


Krishna Rajagopal is a distinguished figure in global cybersecurity, with over two decades of experience shaping both the Malaysian Civil Service and the cybersecurity landscape. As the founder and CEO of AKATI Sekurity, Krishna has propelled his company to be ranked as the 6th best Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) globally. His dynamic career is marked by significant achievements, including pivotal training designs for Malaysia’s Generic Office Environment and Business Process Re-engineering projects.

Krishna’s expertise is recognized worldwide, evident from his role as a keynote speaker at international conferences and specialized trainings, including those conducted for the USA Pacific Command. He has traveled to over five continents, delivering over 300 cyber security trainings and participating in high-profile interviews on networks like BFM 89.9 in Malaysia, TV3, and NET2 in Africa.

His profound impact is further highlighted through his consultative roles, where he engages with organizations to fortify their cybersecurity frameworks, ensuring they are resilient against emerging threats. Krishna’s comprehensive approach not only addresses current security challenges but also anticipates future vulnerabilities, safeguarding vital digital infrastructures globally.


Strategic Thinking and Visionary Leadership:
Krishna's exceptional ability to foresee and strategize against potential cybersecurity threats positions him as a leader in the field. His vision for secure digital ecosystems drives his consultancy, ensuring tailored, future-proof security solutions for each client. His leadership fosters a unified, innovative team dedicated to advancing global cybersecurity standards.

Comprehensive Technical Expertise:
With a robust background in Computer Forensics and cybersecurity, Krishna effectively bridges the gap between technical complexities and strategic business decisions. His deep understanding of the risk landscape and regulatory environments enables him to deliver nuanced advisories that enhance organizational security postures significantly.

Impactful Educator and Industry Leader:
Beyond consultancy, Krishna’s extensive contributions to global cybersecurity education and his active engagement in industry-leading discussions mark him as a key influencer. His educational initiatives and media appearances raise awareness and drive significant discourse on critical security issues, influencing both policy and practice on an international scale.