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CompanyLynx Software Technologies
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


LynxSafe is a family of products that enables enterprise IT teams to apply Lynx’s expertise in secure, mission-critical systems to enterprise endpoints. Launched in March 2021, the secure laptop solution sequesters personal and work use applications by isolating partitions that can run multiple security functions and secure operating systems. Separating these two applications allows IT organizations to control the flow of information to verify its confidentiality, prevent unauthorized access to corporate data and give integrity for sensitive security cases. As the new protection solution for industry-standard laptops, LynxSafe can:

– Isolate the user’s sensitive work environment on a laptop, so it is not exposed to network threats
– Protect the user’s sensitive data so that it is not compromised even if the laptop is lost
– Allow corporate assets to be protected from insider threats
– Facilitate monitoring of corporate assets and sensitive data that allows for remote backups, remote upgrades and remote disabling of sensitive data
– Allow seamless operation of existing work environments on commodity laptops without significant impact on user experience

Importantly, all this occurs on industry-standard laptops that run Windows and/or Linux. No changes are needed to software applications.

As people continue to work remotely and with the rise in cybercrimes, LynxSafe comes at a critical time, allowing the delivery of different levels of security for business and personal domains. LynxSafe provides a proven alternative to perimeter-based security by answering the challenges of extended, fragmented workforces on top of the already mounting threats IT teams face. A feature of LynxSafe that makes this possible includes the ability for an organization to run one or multiple VPNs in isolated partitions to prevent network tampering.

How we are different

- Traditional operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) that run on endpoints focus on hackers to attack since, once compromised, one can gain access to critical system assets. LynxSafe provides an immutable way to partition the system such that critical system assets cannot be accessed and altered via an application running in a virtual machine.

- One of the fundamental differences that Lynx has taken is based on our belief that a solution should fit in and operate well with the infrastructure in place as opposed to enforcing a new set of tools to be deployed. While Lynx does offer remote management functionality to support in-field software updates (typically via Kubernetes containers), the Lynx offering provides RESTful APIs that enable other custom and third-party technologies to be integrated. Lynx has worked with ID Technologies to support the Archon tool suite and will be doing more reference implementations during 2022. Similarly, the customer can select their choice of VPN offering. The Lynx solution is out of the data plane, used in the control plane to establish VPN connections. Lynx has proven its solution with Cisco’s VPN offering and is working on additional reference implementations.

- LynxSafe satisfies NSA CSfC requirements for Data at Rest (DAR) for encrypted storage and Data in Transit (DiT) using dual VPNs for classified data access. For the classified data access, the classified VDI client VM is only enabled once the system has been connected to the red network. This provides a staged approach to accessing more sensitive information as the system steps through its phased approach of feeling more comfortable with the credentials of the person attempting to access the core systems and networks.