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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


SOC analysts are overwhelmed with alerts with McAfee MVISION EDR the time to detect and respond to threats is greatly reduced. MVISION EDR helps security analysts quickly prioritize threats and minimize potential disruption. McAfee MVISION EDR’s unique automated AI guided investigations automatically asks and answers questions while gathering, summarizing, and visualizing evidence from multiple sources—reducing the need for more SOC resources.

Additionally, Cloud-based deployment and analytics enables companies to reduce the strain on skilled security analysts allowing them to focus on strategic defense, instead of tool maintenance.

MVISION EDR offers unique data collection options: continuous data collection for automated or manual historical analysis, at-scale on-demand data retrieval via local built-in and custom data collectors to enable real-time threat hunting, a non-persistent dissolvable agent for unmanaged systems, and email analysis.

MVISION EDR has the unique capability to ingest emails to automatically investigate Phishing attacks, a primary attack technique plaguing customers. This capability automatically creates an automated guided investigation to surface systems based on IPs, URLs, and files within the email.

How we are different

Elevates existing SOC resources to address modern threats without adding additional staff

Helps security teams get ahead of modern threats with AI-guided investigations that surface relevant risks and automate and remove the manual labor of gathering and analyzing evidence.

Utilizes AI to rapidly classify threats, enabling organizations to prioritize their most critical issues.